Analysis Of Melba Patillo Beals ‘Warriors Don’ T Cry Research Paper

Have you ever faced a life-changing experience? People have impacted not only themselves, but also their countries. This idea is analyzed in the memoir Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Patillo Beals, the autobiography”I Never Had It Made” by Jackie Robinson, and “The “Father Of Aviation” by Rebecca Maskell. Melba Pattillo Beals, Jackie Robinson, and Feng Ru faced Challenges,discrimination, and turning points. This impacted not only them but their countries too. Melba Pattillo Beals one of the Little Rock nine to integrate an all white high school.

The life chaning experinces and decisions Melba Pattillo Beals faced was integratinga all whit high school in the United states. In paragraph 7 it states,” I wondered why they were crying and just at that moment when I had more hope of staying alive and keeping safe than I had since the integration began. This quote explains how Melba beals was confused because they were crying but then Melaba relized that integration began.. This event challeenged melba Pattillo beals beacuse Melba went to an all white schooland it was nervereaking.

In paragraph 13 it states in the text,”Some of the white people looked totally horrified, while others raised their fists to us. Others shouted ugly words. Tis quote sates that when she went to an all white hight school it was hard because of all of the whites saying and doing mean things to them. This caused Melabvs beals to grow beals of her ignoring racial threats that the whites siad to her. In paragraph 16 it states,” I felt proud and sad at teh same time. “This expalins that she felt proud that she lived in a country that would go this far to bring ustice to a Little Rock girl like her, but sad that they had to go to such great lengths.

She reasopned by sacrificing how every develop they had they would just do it. In paragraph 18 it states,”We approached the stairs, our feet moving in unison to the rhythm of the marching click-clack sound of the Screaming EaglesThis quote explains that they were going somewhere and they just did it. Melbas reaction impacted her socitey and country because she inspired many people. In paragraph 12 it states,”We rolled away from the curblined with people waving at us.

This expalins that a lot of people loved her and was inspired by her. In conclusion this says how much she had to go through, Melba Pattillo Beals had a lot of things she faced when she went to an all white hight school. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to paly in the Major Legue Baseball team. Jackie robinson faced was being asked to become the first balck player in the Major Legue Baseball and deciding to keep playing in the face of many challenges. In paragraph 3 it states,”The hate mail piled up.

There were threats against me and my family and even outand-out attempts at physical harm to me. This quote explains how it was hard for him to be the first Afican American to play in the MLB. these events challenged Robinson by forcing him to face racial slurs, snubs, and physical threats from fans, teammates, and opponents who did not want a black man to play in the major leagues. This quote explans that he had to go through a lot beacause he was the firstto play in the MLB. these events caused him to grow and develop by making hime proud of his accoplishments and helping him to appreciate the courage and love that the team owner and his wife showed him.

In paragraph 13,sentence 4 and 5,”Rachel shared those diffcult years that led to this moment and helped all the days there after. She has been strong, loving, gentle, and brave, never afraid to either criticize or comfort meThsi quote explains how he grew during all of his accoplishments. Robinson responded to these life-changing event by continuing to play baseball because he felt he owed it to the fans, both black and white, who supported and encouraged him.

In paragraph 12 it states, “But also there were people—neither black nor young-people of all races and faiths and in all parts of the country, people who couldn’t care less about my race. This quote explains no matter hat he was still going to paly baseall because he felt that he owed it to his fans. Robinson’s reactions to the events impacted his society and country by paving the way for more black athletes to play professional sports. In paragraph 10, it states, “Suppressed and repressed for so many years, they needed a victorious black man as a symbol.

It would help them believe in themselves. “This quote explains that Jackie robinson was trying to pave the way for more blacks to play professional baseball. In conclusion Jackie Robinson had a lot of challenges because he was the first African American to play in the Major League Baseball and his teammates refused him to play with them just because he was black. Feng Ru made history on the California Coast,then introduced airplane to his native lands. The life changing experiences and decisions Feng Ru faced were threats and death while testing out airplanes. aragraph 7 it states,” During one test flight, Feng lost control of his airplane (not an unusual occurrence), which plunged into his workshop, setting it ablaze.

This quote explans how he faced death because of testing out the planes. These events challenged the character because natural disaster forced him to relocate to Oakland. In paragraph In paragraph 6 it states in the text,” San Francisco’s massive earthquake and resulting fire forced him to relocate to Oakland instead, were, funded by local Chinese businessmen, Feng erected his workshop-a 10 by eight-foot shack.

This quote explans how he had to relocate to Okland. These events caused the character to grow and develop by the Wright Brothers inspiring Feng Ru. In paragraph 5 it states,”But upon hearing of the Wright brothers’ success, Feng turned his attention to aviation, laboriously translating into Chinese anything he could find on the Wrights, Glenn Curtiss and, later, French aircraft designer Henri Farman. This quote explans how Feng Ru was inspired by the Wright Brothers. Feng Ru’s reactions to the events impacted his society and him following his dreams by doing what he wanted to do like build planes .

In paragraph 9 it states,”His discretion paid off; Feng’s successful test flights were covered by mainstream press, and his work was praised by revolutionary Sun Yat-sen. This quote explans how he wanted to build planes and he did it. In conclusio Feng Ru fced a lot of things in life like threats and death while testing airplanes. and country by In conclusion Melba Beals, Jackie Robinson, And Feng Ru both faced obstacles and danger. Melba Beals faced angry mobs. Jackie Robinson faced threats. Feng Ru faced death. However all three acted with courage and determination had an impact on their countries.