Sports: The Effects Of Jackie Robinson’s Career Research Paper

The Effects of Jackie Robinson’s Career
Imagine that for your whole life you had dreamed about becoming a professional at your favorite sport only to be shot down by something that you can not control. The color of your skin. You have the skills, the determination, and an unbelievable work ethic, but no you couldn’t play. But then everything changed when a man came along by the name of Jack Roosevelt Robinson better known as Jackie. Jackie Robinson changed the nation for the better through the effect that he had outside of baseball. In this essay I will explain to you how his career opened up other opportunities for future athletes, How his career affected the civil rights movement, and finally how the hatred and cruelty he received from whites exemplifies white supremacy.

First of all Jackie Robinson’s career opened up many more opportunities for athletes to come. Think of all of the great African American athletes of our time and previous; Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Stephen Curry, Willie Mays, and countless Olympians. One man’s career and suffrage gave future athletes a chance….

At the beginning of his career there had never been any sit ins organized, the army had not been integrated, there was no integrated education, harry truman had not integrated the army, and Rosa parks was 10 years away from refusing to give up her seat on the bus. An excerpt from a younger MLK said, “He (Jackie robinson) is a sit inner before sit ins and a freedom rider before freedom rides”What MLK means is that he was the first of many things in the civil rights movement and that he was truly one of the first pioneers of civil rights protests. In addition, before his career in baseball he refused to give up his seat on a bus in the military and he was faced with insubordination resulting in a court-martial. He was a pioneer in both baseball and the civil rights movement and paved the way for people to come in both…