A Career As A Dental Hygienist Research Paper

Career and College Research Paper
A career as a dental hygienist can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Dental hygienist are the people you see before the actual dentist comes in. Dental Hygienists clean your teeth, check for cavities, and take x-rays when you need them. Their job is to prepare you for your check up with the dentist. The reason I want to be a Dental Hygienist is because I like pretty smiles so I could be the reason people have a pretty smiles. The tools that dental hygienist use are really fascinating. It is important the education or training requirements, skills or talents, needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making the decision.
If I went to school to become a dental hygienist I would want to work in a dentist office. I would work mostly outside of the home in a dentist office. Dental Hygienist…

They also have to do a lot of paperwork and charting so they can make sure nothing has changed since the last visit. Dental Hygienists also take X rays so they can see if your teeth are doing weird things in your gums. They also brush your teeth and use the cool tools so they can scrape off plaque build up then the dentist comes in and checks your teeth and after he/she checks your teeth the Hygienists puts fluoride on your teeth and you can’t eat or drink 30 minutes after (`U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.`.)
As a Dental Hygienist the pay starts out at around $32.85 an hour. Dental Hygienists have to have an associates degree do work in a dental office. They also offer a higher degree but it’s not required. Dentists make up to $158,310 a year (“U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.”.)
According to the bureau of labor statistics the occupation will grow 19 percent in 2024 (“U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.”). I’m Edmond OK, they make around $64,587 a year and in Akron OH, they make around $65,914 a year so it’s like $1,000 dollar…