A Career As A Dental Hygienist Research Paper

A career as a dental hygienist can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Dental hygienist are the people you see before the actual dentist comes in. Dental Hygienists clean your teeth, check for cavities, and take x-rays when you need them. Their job is to prepare you for your check up with the dentist. The reason I want to be a Dental Hygienist is because I like pretty smiles so I could be the reason people have a pretty smiles. The tools that dental hygienist use are really fascinating.

It is important the education or training requirements, skills or talents, needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making the decision. If I went to school to become a dental hygienist I would want to work in a dentist office. I would work mostly outside of the home in a dentist office. Dental Hygienist normally work 30-40 hours a week but they don’t work every day of the week, and they also get to pick what time they get to work. You can find dental hygienists all over America (“U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. “.

Dental Hygienist go to work and clean people’s teeth. They also have to do a lot of paperwork and charting so they can make sure nothing has changed since the last visit. Dental Hygienists also take X rays so they can see if your teeth are doing weird things in your gums. They also brush your teeth and use the cool tools so they can scrape off plaque build up then the dentist comes in and checks your teeth and after he/she checks your teeth the Hygienists puts fluoride on your teeth and you can’t eat or drink 30 minutes after (“U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. . )

As a Dental Hygienist the pay starts out at around $32. 85 an hour. Dental Hygienists have to have an associates degree do work in a dental office. They also offer a higher degree but it’s not required. Dentists make up to $158,310 a year (“U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. “. ) According to the bureau of labor statistics the occupation will grow 19 percent in 2024 (“U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. “). I’m Edmond OK, they make around $64,587 a year and in Akron OH, they make around $65,914 a year so it’s like $1,000 dollar difference.

Dental Hygienists have a lot of requirements. They have to have patient and understanding and that means being able to understand what the patient is going through. They have to be very detail oriented so they have to be concentrated when they’re working. They have to be be very passionate and positive so they can’t make fun of a patient of be rude to them because they don’t take good care of you teeth. And the have to be sturdy on their feet and able to work in small spaces.

Dental Hygienists have to be organized or the dentist will get confused and not know what he needs to look at. They also have to be good with people and make it where they can understand what you are talking about and sound passionate about dental care, so in other words they need to be able to simplify the procedures. Babysitting could help with this career so you can learn how to treat younger kids (“Common Traits of a Dental Hygienist : GoDental”). For the career of my choice the college i would want to go to is Ohio State University (OSU).

OSU is a big 4 year University it’s located in Columbus, Ohio( “Welcome”). An Ohio resident tuition will be $10,037 plus room and board $11,666 and a non resident is $28,299 plus room and board which is the same price as a resident. Some ways that could help pay for this is Scholarships, grants, loans and/or work-study (“Basic costs”). An Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene are available. A Master’s degree is available but I would really only want that if I wanted to teach, research, or practice it in school. So all you really need is an Associate’s.

Some required classes are mainly sciences classes like Anatomy, Physiology, Immunology, Chemistry, Microbiology, and Pathology. Then I’ll have to Clinical sciences like Dental Hygiene, Radiology, and Dental materials. I would also have to take liberal arts and some of those classes include English. Speech, Sociology, and Psychology (“Division of Dental Hygiene”). The liberal arts are to help with your social skills so it’ll be easier to talk to people and the sciences are what i’ll really need to learn what I need to know. If going for a masters or doctorate i would just have to take the same classes.

If i were to go to college to be a dental hygienist i would just go for an associate’s and that takes about two years and a bachelors would take about four years and a masters would take another two years to i would have to go to school for about eight years. The Entry requirements to get into OSU are my SAT score would have to be a 950 or higher and my ACT score would have to be an 18 or above. (“Can you get into Ohio State? See GPA,SAT,and ACT graph admission”) I would also have to have a 3. 7 GPA which will be hard for be me because my grades are all that great.

Being in basic clubs in high school could help getting into this college i in partners club and spirit club so being in those clubs could help me get into OSU. The first year of college they would like for students that want to be Dental Hygienists to take a year of Biology, And general and Organic Chemistry so the students can take to Dental association test (DAT) and this test is a multiple choice test over everything you have learned about dental hygiene. My plan for this career is to start out with graduating from high school so in that case i need to get my grades up and take the ACT a few more times.

I would also like to get my GPA up and i want to get at least an 18 on my ACT. I think studying harder than i do already and actually doing my work and turning is in on time. I would also lie to take the SAT before i graduated and i need to start looking at different colleges i would like go to. To start out with getting my GPA up i need to make better grades and communicate with my teachers more. I also need to talk to my school counselors so i can know when the next ACT is so i can study and go to the workshops the have. I hate a hard time concentrating in class and not get so distracted so i can know what’s going on.