Essay On Dental Hygienist

Without dental Dental hygienists a high percentage of kids and adults can have have a high risk of getting gum disease. The risks of a person having gum disease can lead up to a heart disease because all of the bacteria from the mouth can go into the blood vessels and blood starts to clot which then affects the heart causing a heart disease. A dental hygienist can prevent this from happening if the patient starts their checking in with the dentist. Every person needs a dental hygienist, because they teach every person how to take care of there teeth.

They tell you the consequences that they can face if they don’t follow up with what the dentist says. What RDH do is that they teach every patient how to care for their teeth and how to floss. What they also do is, they look for cavities and infections. Most of the time when a patient comes in the office a RDH is the one they often see, because they are the ones doing most of the work and sometimes assisting the dentist. It is important for a patient to meet up at the dental office because it prevents them by having infectious diseases.

Even Though some people can not afford paying a dentist still dental hygienist,still have free consults and teach the people who can’t afford to see a dental hygienist. The requirements for being a dental hygienist is that they have to have a high school diploma And either an Associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. There are dental schools mostly everywhere in a state but the better school they go the better chances are getting a job. Dental hygienist win a good fair amount of money because they have to teach oral health to each of their patients that way they keep their patients away from diseases.

A dental hygienist wins $75. 000 a year and makes $33. 00 per hour and can raise up due to experience. A dental hygienist usually treat children oral health because kids can be irresponsible and not brushing their teeth, so a dental hygienist teaches a child how to brush and have a healthy smile. Dental hygienist risk their health as well because when treating a patient with gum disease a small drop of blood into the skin of the dentist can cause them an infectious disease. One of most scariest things in a dental office is having to deal with patients that that contract Aids.

It is rare having to deal with them, but every RDH is well trained to prevent a an infectious disease. Most of the time a patient like this does not come into a public office, they usually have special dental care for themselves. Thrush is a fungus that causes thrush, this infectious disease that can be controlled by antibiotics, chemotherapy, and radiation. What this disease does to the mouth is that, plaques start appearing in the tongue and cheeks start to turn black and have bad breath. This disease is most common on people who contract HIV.

This disease can be transmitted to a person with a drop of blood with no protection. Other common diseases that can be transmitted to a dentist is Oral Herpes. It is an infection that is caused by herpes simplex virus. 50 to 80 percent of adults in the United States carry that disease. Symptoms of this disease cause flu-like symptoms. Blisters,and ulcers one the gum are the main presences of this disease in the body. Also there may not be any symptoms at all. One a person is infected the disease has a permanent presence at the body till cured. Hepes can be treated with strong medication.

This disease will always be inside a person’s body, it can disappear for a while but the sun and cols can flare the disease again. The way this disease can be transmitted is by saliva making contact into a person’s mouth. Periodontal disease are gingivitis that spread below the gumline and cause damage to the bone. Pockets spread around the teeth causing inflammation and also a loss of teeth. About 8 to 10 percent of adults carry this disease. This disease can also give the person chronic lung condition. This disease is caused by people who smoke frequently but this can also affect others because they can transmitted to another person.

This disease has no cure but can also be treated. These are diseases that Dental hygienist face during work they should be appreciated with them because they are practically risking health damage There has been people that contain diseases in their mouth but do not get them treated because they do not have enough money to see a dentist. Another risk is that when the dentist is treating a patient the dentist is usually bending down which can affect its back and have back problems. They normally spend seven hours bent down. 81 percent of RDH face the consequences of back pain.

Having back pain is a pain that cannot leave a person alone, it is always bugging the dentist, the pain is always there. Out of those 81 percent of people who suffer from back pain 10 percent of them retire because of there back. Being a dental hygiene is not as easy as it looks. Bending down for eight hours ist easy it’s tiring for them. what most of RDH do to not hurt their back is they exercise frequently focusing on their back and they try getting flexibility to the muscles in the neck and back. The types of exercises they workout are push ups,curl ups,squats and back conditioning.

Being a RDH is kind of like a sport because they are frequently exercising and conditioning. In the dental health there has been injuries from the dentist during their working hours. After retiring some dental hygienist due to a long term, have been disabled because they did not know how to care for their backs. Dental Hygienist are important to society and do get rewarded with good pay for doing a vital service to the communities. They risk their health by curing the patient’s mouth. RDH are like teachers who teach another person on how to have good dentures