Community Health Needs Assessment Essay

This report will provide information and summary of Chester County community health needs assessment of children with dental health care needs. Quantitative information from the US census and Chester county department of health will provide the required statistics for the report, which will be compared to the Healthy people 2020 goals and objectives to determine … Read more

Dental Emergency Research Paper

How To Handle Dental Emergencies In Aventura, FL Are you suffering from a dental emergency? Not sure what to do, or if your situation even counts as an emergency? We can help. Read below to discover what problems are considered emergencies, what you can do to help right now, and how to schedule an emergency … Read more

Essay On Dental Hygienist

Without dental Dental hygienists a high percentage of kids and adults can have have a high risk of getting gum disease. The risks of a person having gum disease can lead up to a heart disease because all of the bacteria from the mouth can go into the blood vessels and blood starts to clot … Read more

Dental Hygienist Ethics Essay

The career of a dental hygienist entails a variety of challenges and substantial responsibilities. Dental hygienists work, collectively with dentists, to satisfy the oral health needs of patients. The general scope of practice permitted for hygienists include: removing tartar or plaque, applying sealants or fluorides to ensure protection, taking and analyzing dental radiographs, assessing the … Read more

Dental Hygienist Codes Essay

Each state is different and abides by different codes that benefit the state the best. Many considerations to take in count and it important each state researches to provide the best codes. “This code is enacted as a part of the state’s continuing statutory revision program, begun by the Texas Legislative Council in 1963 as … Read more