Why College Is Important Essay

Do you ever wonder why you’re stuck in a dead end job hoping that someday you’ll win the lottery? Do you ever wonder why you don’t have a good paying job and wanting a raise? Do you ever wonder why you don’t have to reach your dreams/goals? Well, College is something worth taking and will help you with your financial problems or even help you with your dreams. You can major in almost anything in college. My Brother, Mark Jardin, majored in Culinary and is now a chef.

There are many people that went to college and became successful. There are even some that reached there goal and/ or went for their dreams. College is something you should be looking forward in the future. College is helpful in many ways. College is absolutely worth it. College will help you with your career choices. The longer you take college, the more career choices you’ll get. Mark Jardin (My Brother) took college for 2 years which lead him to some career choices, he chose to be a chef which is somewhat a good paying job.

When you graduate High School with a High School Diploma, your career choices are fixed, meaning that you don’t have as many career choices compared to people who take college. Having a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree will lead you to a variety of Career paths. When you wanna be an Engineer, Architect, Scientist, etc. you can follow that path. You’ll have more “Career Freedom”. According to centuracollege. edu, when having a Bachelor’s Degree or higher,your unemployment rate is lower than the current average unemployment rate.

This will give you more opportunities in selecting the Career path you want to follow. College will not only expand your career choices and opportunities, it will also help you have a more healthier lifestyle. When you were in high school, did you ever just eating junk food, was very lazy, and was very irresponsible? I know I have. College can help with that. College will help you have and maintain a more healthier lifestyle. According to rasmussen. edu, 40% of individuals with a High School Degree exercise vigorously at least once a week. 8% of individuals with a four year college degree exercise vigorously at least once a week.

Mark Jardin (My Brother) has changed ever since he took college, he has been much more responsible and more careful for his health. He has exercised twice as much than before in high school. He also has a healthier diet. College will help soo much that will keep you from doing bad stuff like smoking. 25% of individuals who are High School Graduates and those that doesn’t have a high school diploma smoke. 20% of individuals with some college or Associate’s Degree smoke. % of individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher smoke which surprisingly low. This is why you should take college.

College will benefit long-term and short-term. College is absolutely worth it. Although some may disagree to this. College may seem like it’s worth it but some may disagree. According to washingtonpost. com, In 2013, 65. 9% of seniors graduating from high school are enrolled in a two year or four year college. Those who are taking too long to get high school diploma’s are below 60% to be enrolled in a college making the public think if college is really worth it.

But this information invalid because this doesn’t really talk about how taking college is worth is. The info is just talking about how some people graduating from high school get into college isn’t really worth it. College is worth it because taking a college is worth it. College give you many benefits and career opportunities when you have a college degree. This info is valid because it explains how taking college will increase your opportunities in life. Therefore College is worth it. To sum this up, college will benefit you in many ways.

Ways like being successful, solving financial problems, improve and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, etc. Mark Jardin (My Brother) is now somewhat successful when he took culinary college. He is much more responsible than before, very careful for his health, and he is solving his financial problems more quicker. People with a college degree will probably know what it’s like to be relieved of stress and is much more happier than before. Right now, you maybe wondering what your life would be like when you graduate college. College is worth it and will change your life.