Explain Why It Is Important To Have A British Citizenship And Live In The UK Essay

Are you thinking about what it entails to have a British Citizenship and live in the UK? Well, it’s not as hard as you think. The EU legislation makes provision for permanent residency for EU nationals who migrate to another EU country. Having a British Citizenship is the fastest route to your peaceful and productive living in the United Kingdom till your dying days.
In the UK, the beauty of a permanent residency is that your entry or leaving is not subjected to limitations. However, if you are not in the country for more than 2 years, that could result to you losing your permanent residency. In addition, if you become a risk to state security or commit a serious crime that leads to deportation, you’ll definitely lose your residency. As a permanent inhabitant in the UK, you are entitled to the same privileges as the citizens except that you may not be employed in the public sector….

As such, many people try various means to dwell in this amazing place…but the best of the land remains reserved for its legally recognized citizens. Year in year out, people apply to become part of the ideal populace of the UK, quite a number of these applications bounce back for reasons that could be averted if some degree of expertise is involved in the process. We however offer to make your British Citizenship Application a success. We’re DavidsonMorris – a UK leading immigration law firm that specialises in naturalisation and British citizenship applications.
The Problem
In the year 2014, according to the UKVI, 6820 people applied for British scholarship but were denied the application.
Applicants who got into the country legally may have their citizenship application denied…