Reflective Essay About Going Back To College

Going back to college has been a great experience for me, and it was truly enjoyable.
It has been over 30 years since my degree in business was issued, well deserved I do say myself. One advantage about returning back to college later in my life is that it does have a great sense of purpose and are more focused in my studies.
As we all age we have more lifetime experience and knowledge of the new material being presented.
As my English 102 class began in the late fall of 2015 it was quite apparent that one might be surro7nded by younger age youth who have no sense fo urgency to even finish the short weekly assignments , nor do they pay much attention to the instructor. A lot of texting going on during the lecturer, not being on time to the…

Thank god he was a fanatic instructor. In each of the class times was very much a great adventurer for me to listen to each of his past stories told were always leading up to the assignments. Mr Dix was able to keep my attention with all his lifetime experiences. There was never a dull moment. We had a few handwritten assignments to be turned in weekly, that was ok for me to write them but do I feel bad for Mr. Dix having to read all my sloppy papers. Sucked to be him.
Going back to college is tough for older folks under any circumstances, but especially for someone working full time. I was very nervous of getting a failing grade I should of asked for extra credit assignments. Personally Mr. Dix has believed in me, and included me in all the classroom activates. Yes being back in college is really rigorous, but I did not give up.
The best part of this English class was all of the different topics which were discussed, the class partpipation, all the extra help received from each one of the students.
Of the record, thank you for being such a fun, caring indivual of a instructor You can see everyone in the class has a lot of respect for you. Grandville Public school and Grand Rapids Community college has one of the best instructors of all times. Thank you for all your help and understanding you had given me throughout this…