Work Ethics In Hockey Essay

Ice hockey was invented in the early nineteenth century, and since then the sport has only developed and gotten more popular over the years. Hockey is unrelated to a lot of other sports, because it is played on ice. In addition, players have to wear steel blades that are razor sharp at the bottom of their skates and compete at a high speed. Furthermore, because the sport is so distinct from anything else, it takes a certain breed of people to play it and live the lifestyle of a hockey player.

Hockey players are distinctive from other competitors, because of the connections forged with teammates that are unlike any other interrelationships acknowledged in sports. Players first arrive into each season not knowledgeable of anyone on their new team, but by the closing of the season every player has established links reinforced with blood, sweat and tears. These connections are cultivated, because of all the time and hard work put into every practice, workout session, and all the games that mold a bunch of men from strangers to brothers in just a short season.

As a result, this defines hockey players into their own culture Ice hockey player named Huber stated “It is hard to describe, but when you shed blood, sweat, and tears for strangers, it is hard to see your teammates as anything less than family when you do so much for them to help them win a game. ” That is why hockey players’ affiliations with one another are so tightly knitted together, because players are prepared to do anything to support their team in order to be victorious, which includes putting their bodies on the line by blocking shots, taking hits, and giving it their all to be triumphant.

It is a code only recognized by hockey players, to be prepared to battle for your team in order to succeed. Players in unrelated sports, sacrifice for their team, but ice hockey player Allen stated “Hockey players battle more for their teammates than in any other sports, and hockey players are known for sacrificing themselves in order to win on and off the ice, and that’s what separates us from other sports. ” That illustrates that hockey players connections are stronger than other players, and these interrelationships last a lifetime that don’t disappear.

That is what distinguishes hockey players, because of the union between teammates that are manufactured over a season that are stronger than any other sport, and furthermore, the specific way players sacrifice everything for their teammates to succeed. Hockey players are notorious for being tough, and that characteristic sets them apart from other sports and people, because of the ability and desire to compete injured. In addition, the hatred to never be listed on injured reserve. For example, players block shots, take hits, and fight for their team which leads to injuries.

Players get injured, but unlike dissimilar sports, hockey players don’t only yearn for the chance to participate, but are expected to compete injured by their teammates and coaches. In fact, it is an unspoken code to take part in competition until you are physically unable to. Huber stated “I played a whole season with a broken foot, because I could not let down my teammates and a little pain was worth it to win. ” Players desire to compete at all costs, which includes playing injured like countless players do during a season that go unnoticed by spectators.

In addition, numerous amounts of players suffer from injuries, but do not want to let down their team, so they struggle through the torture and continue to participate even though it hurts. It is in imbedded in their personality to never give up, and to carry on until you physically are not able to. That characteristic is unrelated to other sports, because in various other sports, one injury is enough to stop a player from competing, but in hockey, players will compete with several injuries because it is expected.

Not to mention, players even like to showboat their injuries as battle scars, which includes missing teeth, shattered bones, and scars. They showboat to display that they are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goal. Hockey players are a unique species, and because of the grit in the personalities, players have a work ethic like no other players in sports that cannot be taught and makes them special from other competitors. Work ethic is a physically powerful factor that makes up a hockey player, and they are notorious to be the hardest workers in sports.

Work ethic makes a competitor and defines how well they will do in their competition. Furthermore, hockey players have been recognized as the hardest competitors in all of sports. Allen stated “Players that play the game may not be the best, but they are willing to work their absolute hardest in order to make sure they win. ” That displays why hockey players are the hardest working players, because they are willing to offer everything they have to succeed at all costs, even when their skill is not enough to get the job accomplished.

Work ethic is what splits up hockey players from other competitors. Players are willing to work themselves till the drop in every practice, workout session, and every game just because of the love of the game and the will to win that is imbedded in them. The way that hockey players compete is exciting to watch, and when you see the game at full speed, people recognize that the players gave it their all to be triumphant so fans cannot be disappointed with their team.

In other sports they can say there is another day or another game, but not hockey players. They play every game as it is their very last, and that is what distinguishes them from other competitors. Players will not stop until they are forced to stop, and because of that work ethic, hockey players are respected on and off the ice for their work ethic. People desire hockey players in their lives, because they recognize that they will get the job completed, and they will do whatever it takes to make sure that it is done to the best of their abilities.

Hockey players are willing to work their absolute hardest in order to look at themselves and be proud of what they did. That distinguishes them from others, because they never crave anything less than their absolute best and also the absolute best from their teammates. They push themselves and their teammates to their max every day, and that transforms hockey players to become their own specific group. Work ethic is not only important in sports, but in life too, and even when players hang up the skates, their work ethic is engraved in them that distinguishes them for other people.

That effort makes them successful in everything they do, and allows hockey players to be put into a category all their own. Ice hockey takes a certain breed of person with the right personality to play it, and that is what distinguishes them from other sports and people. It takes certain traits in order to play hockey, and there are only a certain amount of people who meet the criteria in order to play the game. Hockey is an intense game, and is unlike other sports. That is why it takes a certain type of person to play it.

People have to have a certain amount of grit and toughness that makes them stand out in order to join the society of hockey players. They have to be willing to come together as a family, and be willing to put their bodies on the line in order to win. Players have to work their hardest every day and be willing to give it their all in order to win games and eventually a championship. People who do not meet these qualifications should not join the strongly knitted society of ice hockey players.