Social Work Ethics Report Essay

I want to pursue a master’s degree in social work because it identifies with my most legitimate self. I have said commonly to a wide range of individuals that regardless of where my life winds up or what I wind up accomplishing as a profession I will dependably be a social worker in light of the fact that it is the kind of person I am. I believe in the limitless web of associations that we all have and that the associations that we keep up directly affect our prosperity. I have faith in the force of offering back to your community and battling for impeded populations.

Regardless of what I do or howl arrive I will function to keep up my social work values and outlook. I trust it is the ideal beginning stage for me to have any kind of effect on the world I live in and that it permits me to be humbled and value the little things. I want to pursue a master’s degree in light of the fact that Thave to dependably see the world I live in as a mind boggling framework loaded with individuals with every single diverse worldview. I need to dependably perceive my own inclinations and always work to enhance my social understanding and general competency.

I need to pursue a MSW degree because | am and dependably will be a social worker that implies knowing and understanding the responsibilities that go with that career and individual character. From what I have learned from the undergraduate social work program and internship experience, I am inspired to do even more with furthering my education in the professional social work field. I believe that the University of Tennessee College of Social Work is the place that will prepare me fully to be an ideal candidate for this profession.

My field instructor referred me to apply to the this program and spoke highly of the MSW program at UT College of Social Work. After further research on UT’s social work program and school history I was very impressed with is level of diversity and academic values. My career goal is to become a clinical social worker that either works in a hospital or school setting. I have worked in the Memphis, TN school systems for seven years and have enjoyed the knowledge and experience that I have obtained from it. Any clinical social worker has to obtain a master’s degree.

Without a master’s degree I will not be able to accomplish my career goals and reach areas that are more centered around the health part of social work instead of resolving social issues. Capacities for professional social work education. Tam truly excited about pursuing my MSW to help further my education and to gain a better understanding of the clinical social work profession. Although my excitement overwhelms me, I know going further with my education will only present harder challenges that I must overcome and complete in order to reach my career goals in the social work profession.

I am aware of my strengths, which includes being able to adapt to certain environments, communicating intentionally with an open mindset and using active listening skills, and being a life long learner. I believe in keeping up with the latest social issues and studies, which will help me with my studies that focus on those specific social issues. I also do recognize possible problems that may arise while completing my MSW, which include struggling with understanding the social aspect on how social work is related to the medical field.

In all I am confident in tackling any obstacles that may come may way and have faith that I will overcome it all. My heart and soul thirst for social change and justice in todays society and I know as a social worker and an advocate for the people that I can help bring change to this world. National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. My personal values and beliefs are compatible to the NASW Code of Ethics and to social work.

One of my values is selfdetermination to encourage social change and justice on behalf of my clients. When you choose the social work profession you ave made a vow to learn the professional values that are stated in the NASW Code of Ethics. One important value is that personal opinions are placed aside for profession ones, its not about me its about whats best for the client. Social workers are asked to put aside their personal values and beliefs such as, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, abortion, or any other values that are different from your own. It was said that separating your values can be one of the hardest parts of becoming a social worker, but it is the most important thing to pledge to.

As a social work advocate my opinions and personal values will not be my main focus point, I will insure to always implement the values of my client in anything I do. With that being said, it is important to have values and beliefs of your own and the NASW Code of Ethics is not asking social workers to change or reject those values, but rather inspires you to be aware of them so that they do not cause friction or confuse your client of their own values and beliefs. Integrity is an important value that is associated to social work and the NASW Code of Ethics.

Integrity is something that I seek personally on my job and the relationships that I have with my co-workers. Based on previous experience, co-workers that have good integrity are those that I can trust the most when I need to share sensitive information. I trust that that person will respect the information that was given and will not break my confidentiality. Integrity plays a huge role in social work because as a social worker I must show my client that I am trustworthy in order to build a trustful relationship with my client.

By have and showing integrity will help me obey what the NASW Code of Ethics states about privacy and confidentiality policy. Another important value that is congruent to social work and the NASW Code of Ethics is competence. While interning at the Shelby County Crimes Victims Center I made a daily effort to learn and process the information that I learned from my clients, field instructor, and any information that was relevant to social work. Before I was given a client to meet with for an ntake assessment I read their file, found any history that was on file at the agency for the client and needed services. Once I obtain the clients information I would write an assessment report about the client interaction and share it with my field instructor and other colleagues for their feedback. By getting a second opinion from my colleagues and field instructor I was able to have a better understanding of the information that I obtained as well as learn about other resources that are available for my client that I was not aware of.

Competence permits me to give suitable administrations by practicing cautious judgment and making mindful measures to guarantee my skill of work and shield my clients from mischief. Generally | want to utilize these qualities as rules that I have to withstand to stay away from my own values to affect with troublesome social work cases that can ruin my profession and patients. Social Concern Analytical Essay. Illegal drug use continues to be a major problem in the United States.

The specific problem is illegal substance use among 12-18 year African American males living in poverty and urban communities. African American adolescents are more likely to witness drug activity in their neighborhoods. In urban communities there is a higher volume of drug use and sale, which may in turn increase the rate of negative actions, which could lead to staying in poverty. The study of illegal substance abuse among African American males 12 and older living in poverty and urban communities is relevant to the field of social work.

This is because some social workers specialize in providing the necessary resources needed to empower people with There is also a stigma placed on African American males who live in poverty and that abuse illegal substances. Social workers can help break the stigma and provide resources such as treatment, support groups, and education to those African American males who are dealing with substance abuse and living in poverty.

African American males living poverty are judged and labeled “juvenile delinquents” that this drives negative behaviors that include substance abuse. This concerns social workers because of the stigma that has been placed on young African American males, and also the lack of resources that could help prevent some of the negative actions being carried out by this particular population. This would then give social workers the reason to advocate for those that have been stigmatized and network to create more available resources.

Environmental stressors related to living in impoverished communities such as, discrimination and victimization, have been shown to lead to early adolescent substance use in African Americans. Economic stressors such as lack of household amenities, and hunger have affected adolescent substance use. In these types of environments there are higher levels of violence, crime, unemployment, disease epidemics, and political factors. These along with higher levels of drug sale, influence adolescent African American males to a life of illegal substance use and negative behaviors.