Social Work Career Essay

Social Work is often a challenge but rewarding career. Social workers have responsibilities such as helping individuals, families, and group of people that cope with problems. The Social working field can be difficult at times when it comes to working with people who are starting to accept therapy after they just committed a felony or just gotten a charge. In the field of social work you are responsible to take care of people and make sure they are taken care of with no exceptions.

There is going to be a lot of stressful points in the career that you will have to do when working with juvenile like if they go to training school you will need to find placements for him/her. If you want to reunify him/her with the family you going to need to do a lot of visit supervision, evaluation of parent or guardian, and do a lot of paper work and calls to ask permission to reunify them. There is many different types of social working fields.

One of them is going to be supervising the kids and taking them to court and making sure they are in a good living environment. This is called social work or case manager. Social workers work with people to ensure that they are supported and safe from harm. The role of a social worker is to provide support for clients to help themselves. Social workers maintain very close relationship with the client as a guide and advocate. Social workers work in different types of environment such as aiding individuals, families, home and schools.

Social workers can work in both law-related and non-law-related roles. In a law-related position a social worker’s role is to stick to the laws that exist to protect the capable of being hurt clients that they work with. Social workers have a duty to obey the laws (and law making) and a power to enforce it. In non-law-related roles social workers still work with an almost the same client group but are not specifically responsible for enforcing the law.

Social workers n non-law-related roles are often employed in the part and area or in specialist roles such as supporting alcohol and drug users, person without a home and people with mental health issues. Sociology is a good degree to get first as a bachelors and work with juvenile delinquent for a few years and experienced a little about how they react to a step by step basis and then further it to get a masters and get to be a social worker to help out the kids that really need help in their life’s emotionally and mentally with the parents or themselves.

In the field of so your salary is good and not good at the same time. It needs a lot of wanting to help to know that you don’t care what the amount of money you get, and also it should not care what you get in life it should matter what you give back that will really matter and giving back to the clients and youths will make you a way better social worker or sociology major. Having a Sociology Major a good thing to have kids in this days need help with physical and emotional needs.

At Risk kids don’t think they need help because they worry more on how people are going to accept them and how to get attention with people and what they have to do to get it. Kids are so willing to have friends be with the “cool kids” that they are capable of committing crimes, assaulting other people, or even following them and do all the criminal activities they do. Being a Sociology Major and having a job as a at risk kids care taker can be dangerous to you to.

There is many things that happens when you are working as a youth care taker there may be fights and different predicaments, also if there is a fight and you have to break it up you are going to probably get hurt on stopping the fight when there is lots of punches flying one may land on you and hurt you but that is part of your job requirements that you are supposed to not get mad when a kid or a client gets in your face and you will be In training once every month or so.

When you work or get a job you will need to pass one drug test and also if they feel like you under the influence of any drugs they will random you and if the test comes back positive that you did do some illegal drugs you will be fired depending on what the manager wants to do with it. Also the people who decide to be a counselor or social work always have an experience that lead to them wanting to be what they are. For an example like maybe they grew up to a life where they saw people going to the juvenile system or like the training school and they feel like they could help kids change their lives so they don’t end up going to a worse place like the real house jail. ) In the field that people go to and expect nothing back comes a lot of disappointments with the people that they counsel. Many patients end up getting in trouble and the counselor would be disappointed because he/she would be wasting their time because they spent their time to put reputation way better.

Counselors help people adventure through their feelings and emotions that are related to their experiences. Counselors work confidentially they listen to what you got to say and how you feel but they are not to tell anybody what is going with a client issue unless they are trying to hurt themselves or in serious trouble. Counselors help the clients make their own choices in their path.

Before counsellors began through the therapy section, they have to establish a well trusted environment with him and the clients, the client have to agree with himself that he needs counselling. The counsellor have to encourage the client to talk to him about the issue he is having. The one struggle with being a counsellor is that he or she will have to have allot of paperwork to keep and file. The point of a counselor is that they have lots of tasks they have to do for the clients.

The counsellors help clients on future careers and study employment options that they would need to better there selves when the future days come pass by. Counsellors provide information and some resources to help and assist clients on seeking job skills. Counsellors seek many information so they know the background of that person and they know what they are getting themselves into. Counsellors also do many more like they track down the client’s attitude and expectations and goals that they want.

In this field there is going to be lots of struggles in the environment when you have to call different kinds of schools, programs, and agency to ask for the client’s information or record. Adult guidance workers help clients clear up options about their future by offering information, opinions about what could or should be done about a situation and guidance on education, training and work opportunities. They often work with people to change from one thing to another brought about by factors such as unnecessary thing, health worries, or a desire to change career.

Work may focus on hard to reach groups including: unemployed or disabled people and people with not that much educational qualifications. Whatever the setting, whether as part of a team in a large organization or as an only operator in a something you choose to do, but is not required group, an adult guidance worker focus on helping clients to move forward in their personal development, education and professional training. An Adult Guidance Worker salary falls between 18,000 to 23,000 and it rises to 27,000 after some years in the field.

If you are a guidance worker your hours are flexible and you work in the morning through 5 pm depending on the working environment Adult guidance workers major is to work with adults to adjust with careers and to be prepared to go to the future. If you are working in this field you concentrate on adults that feel like they found themselves not employed due to the economy, they also provide support and guidance to people with learning difficulties or physical disabilities.