Why I Chose Social Work Essay

Social Service Worker Program: I believe studying social work will benefit me to become a better person mentally and physically because I enjoy helping people through difficult times and supporting them. I find I’m good at talking through problems and solving what the issue is. I would like to help individuals and family issue to pull communities together to bring a healthier lifestyle for everyone in need, promote social justice, and foster human global well-being.

I feel that Social Service Work would be the right step because I love group work and finding solutions for difficult states in each individual’s lives I want to make a difference in this work. My purpose in life is to help people and find the broken pieces to puzzle them back together. I’ve been through a lot and have experienced difficult times financially and mentally. I have seen families struggle in different ways and would just like to help them find solutions and opportunity to become a healthy family again. My family struggled with mental issues or just a lot of fighting in the family that breaks them apart.

I’ve seen and experienced a lot within a broken family. My parents used to fight a lot when I was younger and knew it wasn’t healthy so they divorced and went their separate ways. I truly believe if I take this Social Work Program that it will help me understand more the issues in the family and later in the future to help other families that struggle as well. My mom has schizophrenia and my dad struggles with depression I think Social Work will help me understand more about this and how to help other people effectively with these disorders.

I’ve also want to help people with addiction in smoking, alcohol and other substance abuse of each individual as my family had some addiction they l’ve saw with alcohol and smoking from depression. I think it will benefit me and others to become a better version of themselves and find an opportunity to become a better person of their selves and maybe later of their journey they can start sharing their experience and helping other with these sorts of abuse and give this community a healthier start in life because it’s never too late to get help.

I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder so I know that glance of what mental disorders can do to people. I know how difficult it is to overcome the hardships of these disorders. That’s why I want to help people find hope within themselves to overcome every hard obstacles in their lives especially teenagers that have a hard time finding themselves and develop these awful disorders. I used to think there wasn’t any hope for me and I was worthless, but now found hope when I went to foster care. Yes, I found it difficult at first I missed my parents like crazy, but I knew it was for my own good.

I thought they were coming after me and my parents that everyone hated me and kind of made my depression even worse. As I experienced being in foster for 3 almost 4 years that it was only for my best interests to help these disorders sol don’t feel worthless. I still have anxiety but now as bad when I didn’t even come out of my house. I’ve seen the worse and good in foster care. I had foster siblings that had a hard time coping with their issues that made everyone around them also upset, I’ve seen behaviour problems in children that was hard for everyone.

This is truly why I want to study Social Service Work to solve issues within the family and to give children an opportunity to get them on the right track in life. Giving them support throughout their lives so families don’t feel alone in their process of healing. I tried to give my support to my foster siblings when they went through hard times so they wouldn’t self-harm and so they wouldn’t feel so alone. I know how hard it is when you miss your family or when you feel that nobody loves you at all.

I experienced a good foster home they nourished and cared for me for my own good so I can become a successful leader and that’s what I want to become is a leader for helping people heal through their hard times in life to fix the broken puzzle within the family and give them opportunities. I personally think I would be good at Social Service Work because I lived a lot through experience such as foster care, difficulty with disorders and my family who also struggled metal issues as well. I’ve always been the helping kind of person to never give up on each person that is going through a hard time.

Even when I was younger I was such a caring girl always asking what’s wrong and talking through people’s problems at such a young age. I always just wanted a loving family that never got into fights and never broke apart. I always tried bringing the family together. I’m really good at group work and love to share the same interests of each individual. I believe I would make a lot of friends and strive to make this community a better place in society. I think it would help me overcome some of my social fears towards others so I can help people strive for their own goals in life.

I know I haven’t experienced a whole lot in life to teach people life skills, but I’ve learned a lot in 17 years in my life and went through a lot in life to know whether what is good and bad. It’s not that I want through a lot l’ve seen a lot of hardships of other individual and would like to help them in the right path. I would like to work with children, adolescents and older to find solutions on how they want to live healthy and work with families who do struggle and give them opportunity for a loving and caring home.

I have experienced a well-nourished how that helped my disorder effectively and would like to give the same opportunity for other people. I want to give people as many advantages to live a healthy well-nourished and loving life so they can help other people or share the experience they had and that could help others with their issues within themselves or within the family. Thave been looking at becoming a Health Psychologist to continue my education and become more advanced about these disorders to help others with their own issues and families who also struggle as well.

After I take this course that’s why! hink it will give me a great opportunity to do this program and would give me great techniques on what I want to become in the future. Then to become a life coach for foster children is my dream goal. I want to strive to learn more about life and about myself within and I believe this program will give me the right tools to become a great Health Psychologist in the community. Working with others and becoming deeper with connections in the community and help people with their any issues to give them a person support either issues related to mental issues or just family drama to find solutions for the issue and solve them.