Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults Essay

Most people would agree that juveniles should not be tried as adults. The problem is that our current criminal justice system does not always reflect this sentiment. In fact, in many states, minors can be charged and tried as adults for certain crimes. This is especially true if the juvenile is accused of a violent … Read more

American Prison System Analysis

Seven hundred and seven people for every hundred thousand people are behind bars in the United States as of twenty-twelve, compared to Norway, whose prison population is seventy-two out of a hundred thousand people (see fig. 1 and 2). American prison systems need to be updated similar to the Norwegian prison system, via using taxpayer … Read more

Forensic Evidence History Essay

The world of crime has been around for thousands of years, with no way or form to properly solve these crime, many innocent people were framed into being thought guilty, and in return getting punished. That all changed at the beginning of the 19th century with the introduction of forensic science. Forensic science was a … Read more

Criminal Law Purpose Essay

Purposes of Criminal Law Introduction The question as to what the criminal law aims to accomplish is one that cannot be easily answered as criminal law has a wide variety of purposes that work individually to manage different aspects of society. These purposes are split into two categories, instrumental and non-instrumental that together aim to … Read more

Mass Incarceration In Prisons Essay

The American prison system is an incredibly expensive part of our economy, with incarceration costs going up each year. A 2014 data collection of state correctional expenditures estimated that the economic costs of administering overcrowded prison systems are over 48 billion dollars each year (Kyckelhahn 2014). This money is coming from American taxpayer dollars and … Read more

Yuma Territorial Prison Essay

Yuma Territorial Prison The Yuma Territorial Prison first opened on July 1st, 1876 with only seven inmates. Because of this prison, Yuma evolved in many ways. This prison was the first prison built in Arizona and was humanely administered at the time. This prison stood strong for the thirty-three years when it was up and … Read more

Racial Disparities In The Criminal Justice System Essay

The criminal justice system in America is what helps to keep the population safe from harm, but it seems to be driven by racial biases. With over 2. 2 billion people behind bars, mass incarceration is an issues facing the correctional system in America (Smith, 2015). These individuals have been sentenced to non-violent drug crimes … Read more

Essay On Audio Engineering

An Audio Engineer makes various contributions to many styles of projects, performance pieces and products. Roles that an audio engineer can contribute to include: studio and live Recording, Live Performance, Broadcasting, Film and Television, Acoustics and/or Forensics. The engineer must uphold to technical, creative and interpersonal skill sets in order to maintain professional and reputable … Read more

Essay on Panopticism In The Day I Became A Woman

This analysis will examine the following focal points, panopticism, scoptophilic instincts, and visual pleasure. First, the analysis will examine panopticism in relation to embedded “secret politics” within the film, The Day I Became a Woman. Second, the analysis will compare both scoptophilic instinct with visual pleasure. In Chapter Five, Panopticism, which appears in Visual Culture: … Read more