Essay on Behavioral Momentum Theory Of Punishment

Punishment is a response-dependent environmental change that reduces the future probability of a response (Azrin & Holz, 1966). Punishment contingencies are frequent in the natural environment (Skinner, 1953); however, our understanding of punishment contains substantial gaps, and basic research on punishment has declined rapidly over the past 40 years (Baron, 1991; Lerman & Vorndran, 2002). … Read more

Essay on Panopticism In The Day I Became A Woman

This analysis will examine the following focal points, panopticism, scoptophilic instincts, and visual pleasure. First, the analysis will examine panopticism in relation to embedded “secret politics” within the film, The Day I Became a Woman. Second, the analysis will compare both scoptophilic instinct with visual pleasure. In Chapter Five, Panopticism, which appears in Visual Culture: … Read more