The Career Of Criminology Essay

After taking a survey I was matched with the career subculture of human services. With much extensive research, I discovered the career of criminology. Criminology is the scientific study of crime, including its causes, possible outcomes, effects on society, and methods of prevention. It is a branch of sociology, which is the study of social behavior. There are many fields of study that are used in criminology, including, statistics, psychology, biology, economics, and anthropology and much more that all imperatively rely on criminology.

Employment opportunities can be found with federal and state government, local law enforcement and private companies. To gain entry-level employment, you must have no criminal history and pass a drug screening. Other qualifications will vary by employer, especially if it is justice field. Most criminologists have a degree in psychology or sociology, most often with a involved with the federal government. Competition for these positions is extremely high, so many employers look for people who have completed at least one internship in the criminal focus on criminal science.

Others strive to achieve a degree in criminology itself. Many employers also require in-job-training, usually under someone with seniority. The requirements to get a license varies by state, some not even requiring one. Sources such as ‘The Princeton Review’ divides criminologists career using three major milestones. The first year or two you would serve under someone with seniority to learn the skills that can only be learned through experiencing the field at hand, serving as a junior or assistant criminologist. By the fifth year, you gain the title of a criminologist.

Responsibilities will habitually include analyzing data, policy and procedure discussions. By the tenth year, the title of chief criminologist is applicable. Which is most similar to a manager’s position. with the responsibility of overseeing projects, managing staff and other agents, and offering advice and guidance to subordinates. while wages will increase with each advancement, though starting salaries, as well as job openings and opportunities, will depend on several factors, such as your level of professional experience, education, location, and employer.

North Carolina State University states that the average salary for a criminologist with an entry level required bachelor’s degree is $33,160 a year. While in other areas such as Quantico, Virginia it is estimated that criminologist makes around $31,383 annually. $44,833 is applicable after several accumulated years of experience in the career. While through my extensive research I have found no evidence that military experience has any factor in the pay rate while education does significantly affect the pay grade and position depending on the employer.

The predicted projections of this field in Burke County, in essence, revolves around assisting local law enforcement. While this is a feasible option I do not consider this my desired career. While also considering the options available in the entire state of North Carolina there are some very promising opportunities. such as working for the federal government to assist in more high profile crimes. To achieve this goal, it is required, for most employers, to have at least a college degree.

However criminology is a very broad spectrum and can be furthered with other degrees like psychology and law enforcement it is most imperative that you achieve a degree in criminology. Therefore I have devised a collection of the top three colleges for criminology. The university of Maryland is the top rated colleges for criminology, located in college park Maryland. The tuition is $19,990 per year and on average students accumulate an estimate of 31,240 in student loans. In addition the university has been awarded 240 awards since its opening. As a public school, they have an average SAT score of 1310.

The highest degree offered is a Ph. D. while the lowest is an that is applicable in the work field is a bachelor’s degree. the course offered is under the name CCJS which is an acronym for Criminology and Criminal Justice System, available as a minor or major in the duration of 5 years. For admission to the department of Criminology and Criminal justice, applicants must first be accepted into Graduate school. Applicants are highly recommended to apply online, including official transcripts, three letters of recommendation and an essay stating your purpose of attending.

Financial aid is habitually available in the form of graduate teaching and searches assistant, which are only offered to students pursuing doctorates. However duties of an assistant require a minimum of 20 hours per week. To stand out against the thousands of other applicants it is recommended you have an eventually high GPA, participate in internship programs and have related past professions. 9 out of 10 students live on campus and according to their various reviews and the low crime rate, it is perceivable that it is a very satisfactory place to reside. The student body is on average 20thousand wish is massive.

Considering that I am used to smaller demographics like our school it would take some adjusting which I consider feasible. the freshman retention rate is 96% concluding that this is very satisfactory. Thier policy on social media does affect your acceptance for it is seen as a way to recruit those who are mature, professional, and would show as a good example for their college. The school has no religious affiliation, but I do not consider that a negative discrepancy on my beliefs. Ergo I have no complaints about this policy. In addition another acclaimed college is is the university of California in Irvine California.

The program is called CRM/LAW C40, otherwise know as Forms of Criminal Behavior. The course lasts a total of 4 Units. The program is available as both a minor and a major. tuition is $32,103 for an applicant residing in the state of California while the out-of-state cost is $56,811. Scholarships are awarded to applicants who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement and GPA. Additionally, some scholarships are awarded respect to financial need or other specific criteria such as the city of residence, major or special skills that have been proven.

While academic achievements, leadership positions, community activities, work experience and financial need, where indicated, are taken into account during the scholarship selection process, according to my research. The application process at UC Irvine is free, but the application must include GPA, GRE scores, prior experience, a personal statement, and other relating professions- and letters of reference are all considered. While it does not have a bearing on your acceptance except they have policies that give guidelines and restrictions that deter students from tarnishing the schools or their own personal social standard.

Provided the freshman retention rate is 92% with a student body made up of 25256 students. Like the university of Maryland, it is a large school so it will take some adjusting. with a well diverse and multiethnic population, the school represents many religions and cultures which I consider it a positive influence of the school. Nevertheless the third and final college, I found interest is the Florida State University College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, located in Tallahassee Florida. The College offers one of the oldest criminology programs of its kind; offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Duration habitually differentiates depending on the subdivision of the degree. The out-of-state tuition is $1,110. 72 per year. Students who are taking a communicative of 6 semester hours or more are eligible for financial aid. However many fellowships are available while the requirements divaricate depending on the one you apply for. In addition, the application process requires you Self-reported Student Academic Record (SSAR), official SAT scores for every test you took and the applicants who are taking the ACT must also submit the ACT Writing Test portion, a residency form. etters of recommendation are not needed and do not impinge on the acceptance process.

College graduates who possess critical, independent thinking skills and have the potential to go on to fill top positions in academia, participate in volunteer programs, and internship programs, have very augmented opinions from the college. In regards to the university’s policy on social media policy, it is marginally lenient. Apart the basic terms and conditions provided by the websites themselves, the university has fundamental guidelines that outline a fair and just treatment for all including one’s self.

Provided it has a total undergraduate enrollment of 33,720 and a total enrollment of 51,725 occupants, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 2,000 acres. Consequently there has been many reported sexual assaults on campus and in the area. Although with a freshmen retention rate of 95. 8% that is marginally satisfactory. The Florida State University College of Criminology and Criminal Justice has no official religious affiliation. However they do possess a Department of Religion which suggests that they are welcoming and accept all religions.

I consider this a positive influence on the opinion that I have on this college. In conclusion, the profession of criminology is a bright and forthcoming field of employment. With many benefits and interests for my one well being and societys. In addition to the colleges that i have researched i would like to continue my research in universities in my state. I will continue to research and strive to achieve my goal to find employment in criminology