Personal Statement: A Career As A Financial Assistant Essay

Thinking about the future is a very serious thing. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after high school until this past summer, when I had a conversation with my brother about college and a potential career choice. My brother is getting his masters degree in business currently and I have always been very interested in business and doing things to help other people make the most of their financial income. When I started asking him questions about college, it really opened my eyes to all the different job opportunities available with a business degree.

He started telling me about why he got into business nd the thing that he said that stood out to me the most was” I chose to pursue a business degree because I get to choose how much money I make, the more I work, the more money I make. The less I work, the less I will make”. That really interests me because I am a very competitive person I don’t want someone telling me how much money I am gonna make, I want to be able to make as much money as possible, depending on how much work I put into it. I believe that a career as a financial advisor is best for me because it allows me to work on a commission rather than a set salary.

This career is also something that I hink will be fun and that I find very interesting because it will allow me to help people make the best choices with their money possible. I feel that I will take great responsibility and pride in this job because the better I do at it, then the more clients I will get and the more people I will be able to help, and therefore I will be making more money. To become a financial advisor I will have to attend a 4 year university to get my bachelor degree in business. I plan on getting my masters degree though because I want to play football in college.

You also have to be licensed to be able to work with securities, tocks and or insurance. The cost will depend on what college I chose to attend. I have not decided what college I want to go to so I don’t know what the cost will be exactly. The average cost to get a bachelor’s degree is about $25000 a year. So over 4 years it would cost about $100,000. I haven’t decided where I will be attending college yet, I am still trying to figure out what college will be the best fit for me academically, financially, and athletically. and competitive.

This is one job that I will have to be aggressive and be able to filter out what business risk are worth taking and hat ones I should let pass. I think that I will have to learn on the fly when it comes to figuring out what business moves I should make and what ones I should pass up. Experience and being motivated and really looking over all the pros and cons of each move will be important. More importantly I have to figure out whether I can do what’s best for my clients. I can’t be ripping them off just so I make money, if I do that no one will want to use me for help and advice.

I believe that I am very determined To do this job I will have to be very determined and motivated and will be able to determine whether or not eople are trying to take advantage or if it is a good business move for myself and my client. One thing that I think will greatly help me get started and also help me with business moves at first, are my 2 brothers who both have their master’s degree in business. They are both willing to help me and I have already been talking with them about things we want to do in the future and things that are challenging and things that we feel we will be able to make money doing down the road.

I feel that it will be fun to try and figure out things with my brothers and also be able to work with them. A day in this career can vary depending depending on if you work for your own firm or if you work for someone else’s firm. An average day will most likely look like, waking up at anywhere from 7-8 am. Then I will go to my office where I will work in front of a computer and clients will be able to come in and we will be able to figure out what the best business moves are for my clients and myself. The thing that interest me a lot in this career is that someone doesn’t get to set your salary.

I will be working commission which means the more work I do and the more clients I have the more money I will make. So the pay for this job is very unique and it can change drastically depending on how much I want to work and how well I do with my business moves. My location is very important in this career. If I work in a place where there’s a lot of businesses and high income living people then I will get more business. Whereas if I work in a place where it’s a lower income and it’s not a very booming community then I won’t make as much money or have as many clients.

The average salary for a financial advisor in the United States is $59,000. The average range of income is $28,763 to $120,807. In addition to making hat I will get bonuses and profit sharing and commission benefits. I plan on working for a business firm that is already set up and well established and once I gain enough experience and knowledge of how to run a business and make the most out of my work, then I plan on starting my own business firm and working from their. It will cost a lot of money and time to start up my own business so I will have to save up a lot of money when I work for the business firm that is already well established.

One downfall to this occupation is that I will have to pay for my own health insurance because I will most likely being orking for myself. I will also have to put money into a retirement fund because there won’t be a business taking money from my paycheck every month to put into a 401 k or something along the lines of that. The thing that really interest me about this job and that I find very cool is that I will have a lot of time off because I will be self employed and I will only have a certain number of clients and I will work with them and once the work is done with them then I will be off for the rest of the day.

I will be able to work from home on the computer a lot because almost everything will be through the computer. A financial advisor is a growing field and there will always be jobs available because there is only becoming more people in the world and people are constantly looking for ways to make more money or looking for ways that they should spend their money that is both logical and reasonable. The job growth for a financial advisor is 30%, which is much faster than average. In 2014 there was 249,400 new jobs available in this field.

However there is some downfall to these numbers. Things like the economy, politics, and any other economic devastation greatly affects this job because when the economy goes bad or when people have hange or think that it could go bad, people start becoming more conservative with their money and that would hurt me because then I would not be getting as much business. When something like a new president comes along people get nervous and they sell their stocks and take money out because they are afraid of change and think that the economy will go down during a period of change.

During the recession period in 2008, people didn’t have money to spend or invest so a financial advisor would be struggling to find clients, however, during a time of economic hardships, it is the best time to invest in ifferent things such as property or stocks. In a time like this prices are usually lower because people can’t afford to buy things so the sellers have to lower the price and if you can buy and sit on a piece of land or stock and wait for the economy to increase, you will make a lot of money.

I am very excited for my career a financial advisor, although there is a lot I need to learn and overcome to reach my goals in my profession. I have learned a lot of this job, I have learned that it’s gonna take a lot of work and dedication to get to where I want to be. I learned that financial advisors work with many different things ncluding, insurance, stocks, investments, and retirement plans. These are all things that I feel I will be very passionate about and that passion and perseverance will be a great benefit to myself and my clients.

There is a lot of stuff I still don’t know and will have to learn. It is just gonna take a lot of experience and on the job training. I will never know everything in this profession. There is always gonna be stuff to learn and I think the best way to learn that stuff if through past experience and just learning what investments to make and when to make them. I can’t wait o see what the future holds for me as a financial advisor. I know that I will do a very good job at this and It will be something that I will love doing.

I feel that this profession is something that suits me very well and I know that I will do everything I can to make the most out of everyday and every investment I make. Researching this occupation already has me excited and thinking of things I want to do in the future. I know that this is the right job for me and I can’t wait to accept all the positive things that come with it and also overcome all the disadvantages that come with being a financial advisor.