Good And Evil In William Golding’s Lord Of The Flies

Everyone is evil. No matter what, people will have evil in them. But on the contrary, everyone has good in them. I don’t care if someone is a serial killer, they have something good and bright in them. Now the amounts of either of those may be different in every person, but they are inside everybody. Good vs Evil. It is everywhere. They are obviously different, but they’re also the same. Good vs Evil is all around us. Sports and movies are some examples. There is a good side and a bad side, every single time. There is good in Jack for example, a basically evil character. There is evil in Ralph, the poster boy of a leader.

But it works the other way around too, good and evil are inside every human being. But evil changes much more over time, while good basically has stayed constant. Evil is different to everyone, and good is more or less of the same. Evil is more about making yourself feel good and going with your temptations, while good is more about making others feel happy to make you feel happy. Lastly, evil is more fun. Now, that might sound dumb, but it’s true. Being evil is more fun at first, whether it is for seconds, or for years, being bad and evil is better, but in the end, good pays of in the long run.

Being evil will almost never work out in the end. So then why are so many people evil? Evil changes over time to such an extreme, it can be tough to do the right thing sometimes. It doesn’t help that the concept of evil seems to be different to everyone. Long ago, in the 50’s for example, it wasn’t evil to be racist. As many of you know, it was the right thing to mostly everyone. Now we know that being racist actually is considered evil or bad, and all it is a thought! There are always two sides to a story. Being good is always doing the right thing.

In our book, the right thing was keeping the fire, not hunting. “The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescued except by luck, if we don’t keep a fire going? ” This quote shows how the right thing was important. It was helping all the boys. We know what good is, and it is frankly the boring thing, but the right thing. Being good is following the rules of society. Doing good is always the same. It’s just the right thing. Doing bad isn’t always just simply the wrong thing. It may just be doing something different, or maybe what was perceived as the right thing but wasn’t.

Evil is changing everyday, but good is always the same. It’s the right thing. Here we are again. It’s that same word, evil. It’s such an interesting and world changing topic, and it always changes. But there is a good part to it. Evil can sometime be caused simply because someone is unhappy, and they are trying to make themselves happy. Being good is making others happy. There is a great book called Faust. In the book there is a german scholar and he has everything. The scholar, Dr. Faust, is a genius and has more power than anyone in the world, yet he is unhappy.

He hates that he can’t have all the power. It bothers him so much, he thinks that God made the world to make man unhappy, as no one can have all the power. Dr. Faust decides to sell his soul to the devil. Yeah, he went full evil. There is a lot more to that story, but he basically gets all the power for 24 years and dies. His death was horrible, and even though he had it perfect for those 24 years, since it was evil it always never pays off. Dr. Faust was smart to sell his soul. Why be unhappy? Risk the chance for happiness. Do what is good for you! But Dr.

Faust was selfish. Being evil is good for you, but only good pays off in for everyone. When someone is young, it is much harder to block out temptations. A quote from the book goes “We’re all drifting and things are going rotten. At home there was always a grownup. ” When someone doesn’t have an adult by them, they might not know what is right and wrong, especially if they are young. Everyone has the temptation! Unlimited power? It sounds fantastic. But it’s selfish. It’s selfish to only make yourself happy and throw others to the side. Being good is about being unselfish.

It’s about not making whoever did the action happy, it’s about making others happy. Don’t follow temptations. Help people. Be there for people. If there is something wanted, like power, do the right thing to get it. It’s better for everyone. Being evil almost always starts of perfect. There are so many movies where a character does the wrong thing, and it’s great till karma comes knocking on the door. A lot of time being evil is more fun. Being evil has a thrill. In our book Piggy says to Jack, “Which is better- to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill? ” To Jack, it literally is to hunt and kill.

Jack is a cool character. He does the wrong thing, cause he wants to have fun. But it doesn’t pay off, does it? People die. He’s ashamed of himself. Being good pays off in the end, but being evil doesn’t. Doing the wrong thing ends in the wrong way, and vice versa. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Things don’t pay off when you are doing what’s wrong. It’d be like robbing bank. Boom, cash. Boom, jail. It ends badly! Doing what expected and right might suck at first, but it pays off. It always does. Everyone has evil inside of them. Evil always changes, what might be wrong may always changed.

Being evil is hurting others and following temptations. Being evil is doing what feels good at first. Being good involves following the rules, like conch rule in the book. “You haven’t got the conch, sit down. ” That is just one quote about how following rules can be redundant. Being evil doesn’t pay off. Thinking evil thoughts is okay once and awhile. It’s about blocking out those temptations. Some people can’t block them out. Some people get obsessed with the temptations. But they can be stopped. And stopping them is just the biggest part of life, that’s all.