William Goldings Lord Of The Flies: Theme Analysis Essay

While there is hope for civilization overall, chaos “wins” the war. Possessing a civilized nature, Ralph was all about being rescued, throughout Lord Of The Flies. On the other hand Jack just cares about having a chaotic group that has been always on the verge to hunt anyone or anything. His instinctive savageness is awakened within him. Lord Of The Flies central theme is the conflict between civilization and chaos that is naturally embedded in all of the characters. All people hold hope of success in life and through the story of the Lord of the Flies it tells about hope of children being rescued on a deserted island.

Throughout the story we see their struggles to remain a unified group despite the savagery that erupts among them. Within a civilization there tends to be more order, organization, and sets of rules. It is assumed that civilization would automatically be more successful during the war than chaos; in this case it is not true. There was no chaotic group or barely any separations at the start of the story, all the boys were very civilized and focused on having a democracy between them. Unfortunately Jack’s instinctiveness consumes him and anarchy occurs among the boys.

His natural desires and impulses take over and he causes much chaos between veryone. Eventually the boys begin to separate into two separate groups and chaos inevitably erupts. Surprisingly, more boys from Ralph’s group get murdered even though they are supposedly the more democratic ones. In the beginning, both Ralph and Jack’s group would make it off the island safe and alive if they all just conformed to Ralph’s order. But because they all broke apart, savagery occurred. An important aspect throughout the beginning of the story was the conch.

It played large role in the civilization of the boys because when the conch was blown everyone came together, and said what need to be aid. This was the first act on the island that showed that there was some type of democratic set up. It was a way for everyone to come together and demonstrate power and rule without letting anarchy overtake them. Unfortunately, chaos inevitably won because everyone left Ralph’s group to go to Jack’s. All of they boys inner impulses began to emerge because of how Jack was behaving.

Because of this, it brings about the inevitable downfall of the peaceful society they had created on the deserted island. Eventually they all turned on everyone that remained in his group. Ralph’s character was more protective nd made sure everything was okay to keep the kids safe, and in the beginning everyone thought it was genuine and sincere. Jack contains a vicious and dark side to him, but also a very protective side when it comes to standing up for people and makes sure everyone is having fun and hunting on the island.

Jack warmed up to everyone and shared his likes and dislikes for people. As the story went on Jack didn’t like Ralph being the leader and became a little jealous. Therefore he thought of himself as the leader and told gave everyone orders. The conch is a representation of civilization among the boys. As the conch s blown they come together as one big family. After a while we all grow tired of things and in this situation they got sick of being in groups and being told what to do with no real leader. Why do their groups have the nickname of civilization and chaos?

Easily, because civilization (Ralph’s group) had a group that worked together until the middle of the book and then everything went downhill. Jack’s group was always having fun and everyone thought to themselves, “Wow, I really want to be having fun, although Ralph’s group is the safest, it’s not fun anymore, Jack’s is the place to be. ” So that’s when everything egan falling apart and the nicknames for the groups started to switch. Jack’s group was civilized because they were getting along and having fun.

Then there was Ralph and his group with barely anyone left and not really having fun or working together. Before the chaos with all the groups appeared, Simon and Ralph were having a conversation about who’s going to make it off the island alive that makes them both crack a smile. Simon states, “I just think you’ll get back alright. ” Predicting Ralph will make it off the island alive. Being compared to a prophetic prophet like Jesus, Simon says who will make it out alive in the end they eally did make it out alive. As if Simon can foresee the future and what is going to happen.

He is also seen as being a symbol of hope because he wasn’t scared to go to the top of the mountain and encounter the beast, with hope for ending the littluns fright of the Beastie. Hope for civilization is credited to Piggy as well. He helped keep everyone together until he passed away. No matter how much he got picked on by Jack and the other boys he always had his head held high. He was always the one to look after the littluns, and held them together with protection and a sense of safety. Once Piggy died, everyone felt o ashamed of themselves and the chaos got worse.

Golding says, “The theme [of Lord of the Flies] is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature. The moral is that the shape of society must depend on the ethical nature of the individual and not on any political system however apparently logical or respectable. ” (William Golding) Defects of human nature relates to the beastie, listening to their conscience makes them believe what isn’t real. For instance the beastie, Simon points out that there is no animal to fear from. What they should be fearing from is themselves. “Maybe there is beast, maybe it’s only us,” says Simon.

It is saying that the biggest fear they should have comes from within. There is a struggle between right and wrong with each character in the book. The boys listen to their inner selves and act upon what they tell themselves. As all the rules and jobs go on only a few remained disciplined. Piggy and Simon listen to Ralph, but the others let their inner mind conquer themselves and lose control. Notice how the ones that remained disciplined by Ralph are the ones that got murdered. Without rules and laws the world would be terrifying. Therefore making rules and having jobs for veryone on the island was the right thing to do.

The defect of human nature on the island was all about your conscience and conquering what really is going on in the world around you. Simon is the missing piece to an incomplete puzzle. Without Simon being murdered civilization would have won the war, because he kept everything together. Once he died the chaos commenced, all arguments began. Eventually they all learned to adapt themselves to the surroundings they were forced into. Letting the human mind get ahead of itself is no way be encouraged to believe there is hope getting off a stranded island.