John Locke Lord Of The Flies Analysis Essay

As the water hits the sandy island shore, the boys gather around a fire. In Lord of the Flies, a plane crashes on an abandoned island and leaves a group of boys stranded. The boys struggle to make a new life and government. John Locke was a very famous philosopher who influenced the U. S. government greatly. His ideas have been analyzed and known through the world. John Locke would not have agreed with the way the boys lived on the island because life’s of two boys were taken, property was not protected, and the boys had no reason to a revolution.

One of the reasons that John Locke would not agree with the way that the boys behaved an island is because two of them do not have the right to life. One of the boys that did not have the right to life protected was Simon. Simon was killed while walking through the woods pass Jack’s group Jack script was running and dancing around the fire and they heard Simon they quickly ran over and ended up murdering him. Simon was not doing anything and did not deserve to be murdered.

John Locke would state that everyone is born with the same rights they have the right to life the right to liberty and the right to property. Piggies right to be able to live was not protected since it was not protected John Locke would not approve of that way of government. Piggy should have been able to live according to John Locke’s rules Piggy was a boy on the island who wore glasses and his glasses were not respected by others. John Locke will not be in favor of this. Jack’s group brutally took piggies glasses from him and rec them crushing them and smashing them. They should not have been able to do this.

John Locke said that people have the right to life liberty and property and so they should not have been able to wreck piggies property people are born with the same rights as John Locke said, Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to, but himself”(John Locke). piggy was born with a right to be able to have his own property protected. Since his property was not protected John Locke would not like the way the boys are behaving on the island. Everyone should be able to have the property respected regardless of race religion and gender according to John Locke. iggies property should have been protected. Since piggies glasses were not taken care of and the government was not enforcing that rule, John Locke would not like the way things were done The boys had a government system at the beginning that was working and was good. They did not have a reason to a revolution at the time. In the movie the Lord of the flies, Jack broke away from Ralph who is the voted on the leader at the time and went to start his own group. He claimed that his Group would be more fun and they would hunt tomorrow. Lots of boys went with him.

John Locke said that you can only have a revolution if your government is filling them. At the time that Jack left Ralph who was voted leader, Ralph had not filled then and was still a legitimate government at the time. To be a little legitimate government you have to protect the citizens natural rights. At the Time Ralph was still doing a good job of this. Since that was the location it was not ok for Jack to break off from the government because he had no reason to a revolution. Others may interpret the killing of Simon as a mistake. When Simon is running through the woods, it was dark at night and it was thundering and lightning.

This could have made it hard for them to hear Simon and know that it was a person. In the movie the Lord of the flies, there had been some talk of a beast roaming around. They may have thought that it was a beast in the woods since it was dark and stormy and that’s why they went ahead and killed him because I did not know he what he was. They were also in a very energized mood in the movie and running around the fire. Which by doing that it was making them more energized and ready to kill. They were dancing and singing with their pointed sticks which meant that they were ready for the beast at any moment.

It would be understood that someone may interpret the killing of Simon as a mistake. The movie Lord of the flies can be interpreted very differently, There may be people who think that jack and the others that followed had a right to a revelation. In the movie Lord of the flies, at one of their many assemblies, Jack starts a revolution against Ralph. Many other boys follow along with him. Technically when they first got to the island and when they voted on and Ralph, they did not set a certain list of rules. They did not specifically say that Jack and others could go off on their own.

Lord of the flies. Since they did not specifically state that they could not form a revolution, it would be coming to think that it’s OK for them to go off and do their own thing. It is easily seen why some people may think that the murder of Simon was a misunderstanding. Thinking about the scenario again, there may be other signs that point to that they are going to be killing a person. Throughout the movie, lord of the flies, “Simon walks back through the woods past Jack’s group. Jack’s group is dancing around the fire with their spears and torches.

Simon was screaming loudly as they raced towards him. The light of the fire was dimly shining on his face”(Lord of the Flies). Since there was the light from the fire, and that Simon was screaming loudly. These are evidence that the killing of Simon was not really a mistake and that they just kind of want to do it. It would have been able to hear him screaming and yelling. One of the biggest things that John Locke stood for was the right to life. Piggy do not have this right and therefore John Locke me would not approve of what was happening on the island.

Concentrating again on the point in the movie where they elect Ralph as the leader and do not pacifically note that you cannot do the revelation, there are some very important points missed. As in that part of the movie,” when the boys first get to the island they have an assembly. They decided they’re going to elect a leader to be the government on the island. They have the choice between Jack and Ralph. The majority of the boy’s choose for Ralph to be their leader so he is now the new leader”(lord of the flies). The boys clearly establish a government system that was put in place.

According to John Locke lecture, “I would do to make government can only be established in the people give their consent to be ruled by a particular government”(John Locke Lecture). All of the boys on the island consented to Rolf to be governed by voting. This makes their government a legitimate government. In other words, it was not okay for them to start a revolution because they were part of a government system. ” if a government does not protect the rights of its citizens, lock need agreed, then the people have the right to overthrow the government, and create a new one”(John Locke Lecture).

Since Ralf’s government was not falling the people, jacks and others had no real reason or right to start a revolution. Not treating others property with respect, right to live was threatened and no reason to start a revolution are all reason why John Locke would not be satisfied with the way the boys behaved on the island. Understanding John Locke’s Ideas and the boy’s mistakes on the island is key to creating a good government. So next time you winner up on a started island, make sure to remember John Locke’s guidelines.