The Hunger Games An Allegory Analysis Essay

William Golding
William Golding was born on September 19,1911 in Saint Columb Minor,cornwall,England.He was raised in a 14th-century house next door to a graveyard.His mother, Mildred,was an active suffragette.His father, Alex, worked as a school teacher His father. He enrolled in Marlborough Grammar School,The same school he’s father worked in.Also,Golding was a bully in school, Quoted “He enjoyed hurting people”. Later in primary school, Goliding went on to attend Brasenose College at Oxford University,where he studied English Literature. In 1934, William published his first book of poetry called ‘Poems’.After college, Golding worked in settlement houses and the theater for a time.Then he decide to followed his father’s footsteps. In…

Allegory describe in terms of characters, figures, and event, but the objective is to teach some kind of moral lesson. It’s a figurative treatment of a subject in disguise of another. The Hunger Games: This trilogy of Young Adult books is an allegory for our obsession with reality television and how it numbs us to reality.

Double entry journal
1.”There was a blink of bright light beyond the forest and the thunder exploded again so that a littlun started to whine. Big drops of rain fell among drops of rain fell among them making individual sounds when they struck. “Going to be a storm,” said Ralph,”and youll have rain like when we dropped here. Whos clever now? Where are your shelters? What are you going to do about that?” -683
Ralph mentioning that there was going to be a storm,that was foreshadowing cause further down the book, Simon did get struck by lightning when Jack and hes crew started to do there chant.Ralph couldnt believe that some people where leaving his group to join Jacks, in that case he said it’s going to rain and that they won’t have any where to stay under, while the bad weather. The theme is about power, Ralphs wants to be a leader and have power since he acted this way in the paragraph above.Also,Jack certainly wants to be a leader and to have hes own group.This leads to a man vs. man…