What Is A Jury Unlucky

There was a very unlucky man who would do anything to change his fortune around. He sold his soul to the devil and he knew there was no coming back from that. Even having good fortune and life could not shake the fact that he would have to answer to the devil soon. Good thing Jack McCoy said he’d defend him against the devil. The man’s name was Jabari Silver. And this is where it all ended. The door was blown opened and here came the jury. Just by looking at them Silver was already scarred for life. The jury had some of the most ruthless criminals ever.

Charles Milles Manson is the founder of Manson Family group, involved in murder and burglary. Theodore Robert Bundy was an American serial killer, kidnapper, and rapist who assaulted and murdered young women. Adam Lanza brought terror to Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School by killing twenty first graders and six faculty members. Ted Kaczynski the domestic terrorist responsible for more than a dozen bomb attacks. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow were American outlaws and robbers from the Dallas.

One after the other were coming through the door stating their name and crimes. The devil’s says “I’m satisfied with this jury are you Mr. McCoy”. All the jury members were from america and McCoy says, “were satisfied now lets begin” “But let’s not forget the judge of this trail”. ,says the devil. William O. Douglas is the man waiting in the judge’s seat, he has some experience being a judge but not for this kind of thing. This trail is in motion for the reception of Mr. Silver’s soul. With the member in the jury being who they were it did not look good for the defense.

McCoy faced a lot of jurors in his day but this may be one of the hardest trails he has to face. It was clear who’s said the jurors and judge were on whenever McCoy would object the judge would say, “Objection denied”. Whenever the devil would object something the judge would say, “Objection sustained”. The Devil’s arguments were all facts on facts. There was no denying that this was going to be a hard trial to win. The Devil went on about how Mr. Silver had not been truthful when he said he’d give him his soul. All The Devil wanted was his property he explained.

By time it was McCoy’s time to speak the devil got what he wanted. He wanted to make Mr. McCoy anger so he could use it to his advantage. Too bad Mr. McCoy stopped caring about what happened to Mr. Silver. The only thing he cared about was using every trick in the book to win this trail, not for Silver but for himself. Thinking about what he was going to say just got him very angry. He looked as if he was about to lose his cool. He could not arrange the words in his head he was going to say the more he thought about it. It was time for his closing argument.

McCoy was about to begin but he looked at the jury as he did and he saw the glitter in the eyes like they were under some kind of spell…. The devil’s spell of course. He stopped to think about what he was going to say next. Any false move and the case would be over. He knew he had to win the case not only for Silver but for himself. McCoy has to prove the devil did not get the best of him, Therefore in a very calm voice he begun. The best strategy to win the trial was to show the jurors that we are all like how the devil is not. McCoy went on about how it was like to be a man and how our country is.

Through the struggles and hardship to the good time and simple things. He showed the jury and the judge the side of him they can relate to even through terrible things they have all done in the past. McCoy shows that we are all human and make mistakes therefore no one is the perfect human-being. He talked about what it was like to be enslaved and also to be free. Without all the suffering we americans went through our country would not be how it is today. He explained the struggle of Mr. Silver and how he was just trying to help his family. He was telling the story of our country’s history.

There is not one person that does not get tricked or fooled into things but it’s an endless journey, yours may end but there will always be someone here, living the same things all over again. It took a man to do it not a demon… That is how Mr. McCoy’s closing argument finished. Wait on the jury’s verdict felt like a lifetime. Jabari was sitting in the seat even more scared then he was before. The devil had an evil grin on his face like he was about to get exactly want he wanted. To be honest no one there knew what to expect, the devil seemed to be winning the whole time during the trial until the closing argument.

The jurors and judge just stared at Mr. McCoy so interested in what he had to say like everything else in the trial did not happen. The jurors come back into the room with the verdict…. The judge says, “we find the defendant not guilty of any crimes committed against the devil”. Therefore the devil must leave Mr. Silver alone. By this time it was morning and the judge and jurors disappeared like they were never there. The devil turns and congratulates us on the win. All Mr. McCoy was thinking about was the signed agreement paper. He says, “i’ll have the paper before you go”.

The devil’s hands it to him and he tears it into tiny pieces. Now that the trial was over it came the time to write up the new agreement. The devil must never go near Mr. Silver and his family ever again and now knows he has no claim over his soul. Also the devil may never step in the state of Tennessee ever again and never bother anyone from Tennessee until hell freezes over. The Devil signs it and ask “Now can i go”. Before allowing the devil to leave he made sure the document was all in order and there was nothing that would end up hurting Mr. Silver.

Mr. McCoy remembers that The Devil had not settled the cost of the trial. Therefore he was thinking about bringing the Devil back to Nashville to see what the devil can do for him to make his life easier. Mr. McCoy brought the Devil back to his home. He made the devil make his crops grow faster. His animals produce more food, milk, egg, and more. Mr. McCoy did not realize that the devil does not work for free. The contract had nothing in it stating that McCoy could take the devil and use him for his own work. Now McCoy was indebted to the Devil and he was not happy about it.