African Americans In The 1800s Dbq Research Paper

During the 1800s slavery was established. Slavery was common in the south, however slavery was abolished in several areas such as the North for example. Several African Americans for instance Harriet Tubman, she tried to escape from the South and tried entering the North for freedom and the pursuit of happiness. However this wasn’t any different from the South . Although slavery was abolished in the North, African Americans still had certain restrictions, therefore they were still slaves.

It isn’t much different from slavery, Northern blacks were not free in the area of political. Just like Solomon from the movie, Solomon was not allowed to trial in court. Even though you were free, African Americans had several restrictions and couldn’t trial in court because they were different from the whites. You also cannot vote because back then African Americans weren’t allowed to speak up or vote. On document A it shows a chart about voting and jury rights of blacks in the North 1860 by Leon Litwack University of Chicago Press, 1961. Besides Massachusetts all the North states were not allowed to do jury service….

Blacks in the north had no political, economic, and social freedom. No one would hire them because they were restricted to work with white people, they were not allowed to run for office, they couldn’t do jury duty, they were segregated, they couldn’t go to restaurants with whites, and there’s a lot more. It’s great to be in the North instead of the South but the North isn’t that any better. It is important to examine the life of free African Americans in the North before the Civil war cause we can compare their lives before to our lives today, also we can get the right information and show that there lives aren’t that much better compared to the South. It is also important for us because we should be thankful of what privileges we have today, and shows that history has changed. All in all Blacks in the North were barley…