Punishment vs Rehabilitation Essay

There is a debate raging in the United States over what the purpose of jail should be. On one side are those who see jail as a necessary punishment for criminals who have broken the law. On the other side are those who believe that jail should be used as a way to rehabilitate criminals … Read more

Grisham Case

Question #1 states “Grisham identified four (4) United States supreme court (USSC) cases linked to the Fifth (5th) Amendment. Identify each case presented in the book and provide a one to two sentence statement about that case. ” The first case discusses Hopt v. Utah in which the court stated “The supreme court ruled that … Read more

Three Strikes Law Essay

According to President Bill Clinton, “We have a chance to pass the toughest, smartest crime bill in the history of the United States,” and this was the belief that most California residents felt at the time the “Three Strikes and you’re out Law,” took effect in 1994. The purpose of the Three Strikes Law is … Read more