Anti Gun Control Essay

The United States has a long history of firearms. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Gun control is a contentious issue in America, with passionate advocates on both sides. There are a number of arguments against gun control. One is that it … Read more

School Shooting Essay

School shootings have become a serious problem in the school system, and school officials are looking for ways to prevent students from carrying out school shootings. On Thursday, Lacey Gruntorad, assistant principal of Brockway Area Middle School in northern Pennsylvania, went to the school’s security contractor because she was concerned that someone might be planning … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

Gun violence is an ongoing issue in the United States. Gun control laws attempt to reduce the amount of gun-related crime that occurs by placing restrictions on who can own guns, where they can be sold, and how they are sold. Gun rights supporters argue that gun control restricts their Constitutional right to bear arms … Read more