Andrew Jackson Trail Of Tears Analysis Essay

The trail of tears was the forceful events to the Native American to relocate from the south eastern region to the western region. Andrew Jackson was the president, He fulfilled his ambition by changed the Washington and America, which is also called the Indian removal act. The removal was resulted destruction to the five Indian tribes, such as Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole and Cherokee. The Cherokee was decided not to move, they have took Georgia to the court. The chief justice John Marshal was ruled the favor on behalf of the Cherokee, He said that Cherokee should not have to move out.

Andrew Jackson persisted on his policy that, they will move them. Upon moving them, their property was sized and were pointed gun on them. Then, Trail of tears comes out. The Cherokee people were died along the way, due to hungry, and diseases. This was the saddest moment in American History. However, Jackson did not trust his cabinet anymore. He wanted to work with the informal advisors, the Kitchen cabinet. He hired and fired them more often. Andrew Jackson and others president played an important role in this video. After the election 1824, John Quincy Adam became a president.

Jackson was very angry, because he didn’t not win the election. When the Adam came to the office, he had many goals to accomplish for the western territories. Such as fund for public education, scientific advancement, road and canal building. His ambition was not achieved due to the politics of American punk rock band. I would say that Adam had a very strong personality, based on the video, he was the first president that wore long trouser and the first president taken his photographer. He is not thought about doing a better job than his father John Adam.

He is not worry about corruption and also refuse to pay the patronage to Washington. Adam served four years as a president, and wanted to run the second term. Consequently, Andrew Jackson stood up against him. The people who side for the Jackson believed that Adam was robbed the country and he believed in corruption. The election of 1828 was the rough and blood shed campaign in the history. Jackson won the president, but he and his wife Racheal were faced a lot of challenge and obstacle from the Quincy Adams. The joy of the victory doesn’t last long, because Jackson lost his wife.

The wife died on heart attack from the opposite party. Despite that, the fight continue. Jackson called himself a Jeffersonian, Thomas Jefferson called him a dangerous man, because he doesn’t like his behavior. Jackson was a strong man, the common man and a fighter. When he took the office, he created the spoil system and the petticoats. The social statue of Margaret Peggy Eaton, which make him not trust his cabinet. Moreover, after the Indian removal act, Jackson brought out the nullification crises. A confrontation between South Carolina and the federal government.

South Carolina was thought that the federal tariff was unconstitutional. The federal tariff was raised on imported goods. Jackson responded vehemently to Calhoun, because he think that he was his enemy, and wanted to send his army to hang John Calhoun on the tree. Another major issue he faced was the Bank of the United State. This was the main political controversy for his administration. He fought Nicholas Biddle for the renewal of the bank, and he later won. In 1836 the Bank of the United State was collapsed. It brought a big problem in Martin Van Buren’s administration.

Jackson change the presidency, economy, government landscape and the people. He is the only president to be maned after the whole age. In addition, Van Buren was the best political campaign and the highest political machine politician. The people believed that he will do good work for the white house. When Van took the oath he thought that he will imitate the Jackson, but the financial destruction of Jackson banks was really affect him seriously. After the Inauguration the panic of 1837 begins. The crises of unemployment, Bankruptcy and economic depression started.

The Whig party were regret on the Van campaign, blaming themselves for the Van nomination instead of nominated Henry clay for the president. Unfortunately, the Whig party form a new Whig party and they nominated William Henry Harrison. They believed that William is like Andrew Jackson. During the campaign Harrison had a nickname tilted “Tippecanoe” He got the name at Indian battle. The most symbol during their campaign was the Log cabin and the image of the English coach. Although people doesn’t like Harrison, they accused him of his old age.

They called him the granny General. On the day of his oath ceremony, Harrison remind people about his background and his age. He gave the longest inaugural address in the American history. He was stand on a cold with no hat or coat to give his address. Sadly, after three days he took the oath as a president, he had a pneumonia and died within thirty days. I felt so bad for him. I would say that he died out of anger name calling and frustration, due to the politics in campaign. Tyler acts as a president. The Whig party expelled him out from the party.

Tyler did not do well in a historic treaty between the United State and the Great Britain. They nominated James K. Polk for the new president. They called him a dark horse candidate. My question here is that why do they called a dark horse candidate. No one believed that he will be the president. Polk promised that he will finish the work that Andrew Jason have started. He did a good job like Andrew did. They named him the 25th best president in America. He had an activities on the white house every Wednesday. The Marine Corps band gather in the white house to play and had fun.

He also make himself available twice in a week, for the people who want to see him. They called him the hardest working president in the U. S history. Finally, Polk had four goal to accomplish before his term end. He said that he wanted to serve as a president for the one term. Firstly, he wanted to make sure that the issue between United State and the Great Britain for the Oregon territory has been settle. Secondly, to bring California into the United State. Thirdly, to set up an independent Treasury to fix the mass credit.

Fourthly, to lower the tariffs on import of goods to American economy. He fulfilled his ambition to the United State. In conclusion, the trail of the tears video focus more on the issue of the politics, campaign, hatred and name calling. There are several indication in the video that all the president mentioned were fighting for the betterment and the progress of the country. They are interesting speech on Harrison Inauguration that make to think that, people should not take any one for the granted. Andrew Jackson and Polk are the Hero presidents. They make our country the greatest and proud.