Appletopolis Research Paper

Millions of years ago, the current seven continents of the world were unified in a supercontinent known as Pangaea. In order to better understand how continents work, our group has created a map making a new continent in another hypothetical Earth. This continent is known as Company Continent. On this landmass, there are six cities. These cities are known as Appletopolis, Pixar Palace, Yum! Brands Village, Galaxy Retreat, Training Camp, and Windows City. The inspiration for the names of the cities and the shape of the landmass comes from major companies well known to most people.

Among these cities, Appletopolis serves as the capital and main inspiration for Company Continent. Appletopolis is a major city that fuels the advanced technologies it makes by mining resources in the nearby mountains known as the Wall of Marts. The religion of the city focuses primarily on worshipping its current leader, Jobs. Jobs maintains himself as both the absolute political and religious ruler. By sacrificing prisoners of war, Jobs is able to retain his supposed godly power. Due to the fact that Appletopolis does not divert much attention to agriculture, it imports food through the RadioShack River sent by Yum!

Brands Village. In the city, Jobs sits on the top of the social structure, followed by priests, technology makers, construction workers, artisans, and slaves. The artisans constantly create statues and other wonders relating to the religion for decoration. Currently, the most valued sculpture is the IPhone, a solid gold work of art carved and forged by the greatest of craftsmen working together. Sitting on the opposite side of the Wall of Marts, Galaxy Retreat boasts its massive food surplus and naval fleet to prove itself as a world power as well.

With its abundant natural sources of water, Galaxy Retreat focuses many resources in rder to maintain agriculture. With the King Jong Yoon Kwon on the top of the social ladder, he maintains religious and political authority. The social structure is followed by priests, farmers, builders, and slaves. By trading food resources with Windows City for soldiers, Galaxy Retreat maintains a military power, supported with enough food to fuel many armies. Currently, Galaxy Retreat battles with Appletopolis due to a disagreement of copyright infringement.

After Appletopolis constructed the IPhone, Galaxy Retreat created a similar construct known as the Samsung Galaxy. Due to squabbles about the uniqueness of the bject, the two nations declared war and seeks to conquer each other to be able to destroy the opposing side’s sculpture. Due to this war, Company Continent has been split into two alliances, the Apple Byte Alliance and the Super Samsung Alliance. Training Camp is a military power that relies on soldiers to raid structures to obtain food.

Due to its naturally cold environment, the people of Training Camp cannot farm crops. In order to survive, tribes formed. In hope of stealing the few sources of food on the land, the people there formed a primarily militarized environment. After the citizens discovered that Company Continent has an abundance of food, warriors marched onto the land in order to seek out food for the Training Camp. By forming an alliance with Yum! Brands, the homeland is supplied by food in exchange for protection. Since Appletopolis had close relations to Yum!

Brands Village earlier than Training Camp, Apple struck a deal: the soldiers would aid Apple in the war against Galaxy Retreat and Appletopolis would supply Training Camp with weapons that Appletopolis made. Naturally, the soldiers accepted the deal. Since these two cities had close relations, Training Camp adopted the religion of Jobs. With the new food sources, the tribes united and formed a new government. The chiefs in each tribe would act as an oligarchy, voting on matters in which the majority won.

The social ladder is, as noted from top to bottom: the chiefs, advisors, warriors, blacksmiths, caretakers, and slaves. Following this social structure and government, Training Camp is able to be the most heavily militarized cities on Company Continent. Yum! Brands Village distinguishes itself by being the primary source of food in the Apple Byte alliance. With the fertile ash that comes from the Valero Volcano and the natural source of ater of the Radioshack River, the village is more than capable of forming a successful agriculture. In addition to the agriculture that Yum!

Brands Village produces, it also has many fisherman that fish for seafood. With the agricultural society, the social structure is as follows: nobles, farmers, herders, tool makers, and builders. Any citizen that is not capable of any role in the villages’ society is sold as a slave. By trading food with Appletropolis and Training Camp, Yum! Brands village is ensured protection from Training Camp as well as new technologies from Appletropolis. Some of these new technologies include more fficient hoes and plows for the use of farming. Pixar Palace is a city that is located near the Wall of Marts.

It guards the cave that goes through the mountain range for the Super Samsung Alliance. Since Pixar Palace controls this cave, Galaxy Retreat supplies Pixar Palace with food in exchange for access to this cave. Many of the citizens of Pixar Palace are very wealthy and have much power. The wealthy of Pixar Palace crave exquisite food so they raid Yum! Brands Village on a weekly basis to get fresh seafood. Yum Brands! Village got tired of being raided so they asked for protection from the Apple Byte Alliance. Apple Byte Alliance helped Yum Brands! Village and warded off Pixar Palace.

Pixar Palace was very irate when this happened so they defected to the Super Samsung Alliance. Now, Pixar Palace has an oligarchy that focuses on the wealthy so that the richest families make the decisions for the city. The social structure of Pixar Palace is: Wealthy, General, Soldier, Artisan, Farmer, and Slave. The last city on Company Continent is Windows City. Windows City is also a militarized city, but it focuses more on its navy and warships. Windows City is located on an archipelago near Samsung Island. Windows City’s main source of food is from trading warships and soldiers with Galaxy Retreat.

Windows City uses its surrounding bodies of water to train its soldiers and navy. Windows City used to fish for seafood as a food source, but it was not enough to supply the population, so they trained their men to be excellent sailors and to sail to the nearest piece of land, Samsung Island. When they reached Samsung Island, they struck the deal with Galaxy retreat for food. Now they are the leading force in the fight against the Apple Byte Alliance. The social structure of Windows City is: King, General, Soldier, Sailor, Fisherman, Farmer, and Slave.

In conclusion, we learned about civilizations and how they function together from this continent project. Civilizations usually depend on one another for food and for other resources. They can also be detrimental to each other by trying to sabotage other civilizations for more power. When civilizations have a food surplus, they can start labor specialization and make more desirable goods for a stronger economy. All in all, maintaining a civilization is a very complicated thing, but when one civilization has all of the right traits, it can become very powerful.