Argument Against Abortion Essay

Abortion: The Inside Scoop Abortion is the medical removal or termination of a fetus from a woman’s womb. It is an unsympathetic process that is consuming many of the world’s children by relieving adults of their responsibility of taking care of their offspring. There are several ways in which a woman can abort her baby, including, abortifacient herbs, sharpened implements, and abdominal pressure (Abortion Facts). This is a current crisis, not only in the United States, but also within the entire world due to the expansion of the total number abortions per year.

According to the World Health Organization, the sum of the world’s abortions is approximately 125,000 abortions a day, which means there is 40-50 million abortions per year. Consequently, the fetus in that mother’s womb is not even given the chance or their right to live. Abortions should be illegal for the following reasons: it hurts the United States as a country, allows the fetus to have the disadvantage, causes avoidable damage to the mother, and is murder that neither doctors nor humans should accept.

If something isn’t done to protect the children who are denied their lives, eventually there will be consequences that the world are unaware of and not prepared to face. Unfortunately, the United States is being negatively impacted by the amount of abortions that occur annually. In the case of Roe v. Wade (1973), a landmark decision was made by the Supreme Court, ruling that the right to privacy under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment granted women the ability to decide whether they would have an abortion or not.

This caused a national debate, considering the fact that many believe that abortion was a common law crime. Subsequently, more abortions begin happening and the mindset of Americans took a turn for the worst. With the 1. 21 million abortions that happen in America annually, humans seem to be more disposable. The fetus is well alive when most abortions take place in the first trimester, so this insinuates that a human is being murdered. Aside from the culture, the economy is also affected.

The Unites States is a country that dwells on citizens paying taxes and the higher the population, the more taxes that goes to the government. Currently, America owes over 17 trillion dollars. If abortion was illegal, the population would increase, and the debt would decrease in due time. Assuming that they continue on this path, the United States will not be able to maintain a stable population with all the necessities needed to live a successful and secure life. As a consequence, the child is negatively affected by the abortion.

It has the disadvantage because it can’t influence the choice. When a pregnancy reaches the first trimester and the 8th week, the baby is then called a fetus. The fetus is now alive and now beginning to develop all of the basic but mandatory things that their body will soon need. Under those circumstances, when the abortion takes place, that child will have the ability to feel the pain that is being placed upon them. Take time and imagine being the fetus within a woman’s womb and then suddenly feeling the pain of your rapid death. Abortion is not fair towards the child.

Because the developing infant is unable to communicate, it can’t defend its right to live. The life of that child is taken before it can make it to the outside world. In addition, the Hippocratic Oath was an ethical foundation and guiding light for medical practice for about 24 centuries (Tyson, Peter). The original text of the Oath forbids physicians from completing the procedure of an abortion being that it wasn’t ethical. During this time, abortions were considered to be murder and all physicians pledged not to take part in these acts.

The oath directly states,” I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to procure an abortion. ” Also The Commandments express that,” Thou shall not kill,” and this is given without any exception, including the stage of development. Abortion is manslaughter. There is no secret that a human is being destroyed, which means that something has to happen. By the year of 2023, abortions should be illegal at least in the United States, and if this doesn’t take place countries will begin to suffer.

Surprisingly, it is a common misbelief that because there is a low chance of death during abortion, that it is a very safe process. This is entirely untrue. In fact, the mother will now be taken through more mental and medical complications than if she would have went through with the child birth. An important factor to consider when thinking of getting abortion is the emotional effects. When the procedure is finished, mental damage can occur. For example, many women suffer from guilt, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts, and most importantly, depression.

Aside from mental issues, health should be a main concern. Medical complications can range from something as simple as heavy bleeding and infections to cervix damage and death. A woman who wasn’t careful with her soon to be husband ended up being with child, and figured that the best way to handle the situation was to get a quick abortion from the clinic. Months pass and on her her monthly time for her menstrual cycle she begins to feel pain that had never occurred before. When visiting the doctor she was devastated to find out that she has damaged her cervix and may be developing cervical cancer.

Not only does this affect her and her life span, but also her loved ones. Although there is the relief of not having the duty of a child, there are still consequences that the mother must face. The topic of Abortion is significant because the message behind it represents the United States and it’s citizens. It represents the statement that a U. S citizen can kill one of their own people and that can rub people the wrong way. If you can’t trust your own people then who can you trust? Beyond betrayal, this is also murdering the person who could have cured cancer or even been the next leader.

It is defeating the purpose of humans being on earth, which is to live to the best of you ability and to reproduce so that you can pass on whatever you would like to leave behind. Any person living on this earth could have been aborted, but their parents had faith in him and faith in themselves. Isn’t it a scary thought that you could have been the very child that didn’t make it out of your mother’s womb? Reflect on all of the major concepts in America and how they negatively affect the culture and the citizens.

In regards to the negative music and unbelievable messages, the U. S does not need and additional distraction. In order to avoid the path of destruction, abortion must be eliminated from the mindsets of young and older women. Learning to the fact that abortion is not ethical doesn’t abide by majority religious beliefs will allow the world to prosper. Think of this decision as a change that will better the lives of humans and the state that they are living in. If you can’t bring yourself to refuse abortion for yourself, then do it for the children that are being murdered thousands of times a day.

To many people’s alleviation, it isn’t too late to change the whole abortion operation system. Today, people can stop using abortion to escape their obligations. This may take a process, there are steps that one can take. The initial step that you can take is to think about the reasons why you would like to have the procedure. In order for someone to make such a rash decision of denying their child, they first must think of reasonable logic to be confident that this is an action that they would want to take.

The next step would be to analyze how it will affect their life and the ones who are around you. They may think that this is an appropriate decision, but they must understand that their spouse should also have an influence to the decision. Without going through these steps, a person can be consumed with regret and despair. In addition, advice needs to be given to the mother so she can know what will happen. A plethora alternatives are given in case the mother is having doubts about the abortion.

Even going through with the childbirth can ease some pains that the woman is guaranteed to withstand. Considering some reason why many women who decide to have abortions, there are ways and people who are willing to help you take care of the child or even take care of the child themselves. They must realize that help can be given. The last step that can be used is to receive medical advice. Many women enter abortions and aren’t ready to do that health wise. Ignorance can sometimes blind someone from know the after effects of an abortion and it can end up cutting their life short.

Twenty-Two percent of pregnancies end in abortion. This is irresponsible because even though is can relieve them from some stress, the amount of stress can be doubled. It is crucial that the United States and other parts of the world ban abortions. Abortions should be illegal for the following reasons: the United States isn’t benefiting, the child has the disadvantage, the mother ends up with life threatening issues, and its is immoral. As was previously stated, the world is doomed to fail if a change isn’t made within the laws of abortion.