Argumentative Essay: It Is A Life

Abortion is a controversy that has been argued and fought about for decades. People ask whether it’s the body of the mother or the life of the child, who is in charge? The answer to that is simple. The mother is the one in charge of her body, but while being in charge of her body she engaged in intercourse and as a result there came a baby. Now, the baby is a person too, so going forward with abortion is indeed murder. There are at least three alternatives to abortion: parenting, adoption, and interim foster care (Abortion Alternatives).

Most people claim that not everyone is ready to be a parent, and they are correct. However, as was said before there are other options than just being parent. There are options that wouldn’t be murder. Because being a parent is not for everyone abortion is something that is used often, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most people know about the alternative adoption, but it’s found that very few know about interim foster care. Interim foster care provides a loving, nurturing short-term home for a newborn infant (Abortion Alternatives).

This provides time and flexibility for a mother while she decides what exactly it is that she wants to do. With interim foster care, the birth mom doesn’t have the pressure of making or finalizing her decision during her hospital stay. An adoptive family doesn’t have to live in fear of the baby being removed from their home. The baby won’t be moved from place to place (Abortion Alternatives). This is a really great opportunity because it allows the mother to really understand the type of responsibility that she would be taking on, and it allows her to make the best decision for herself and her baby.

Adoption is another option for anybody. When a lot of people think of adoption they think of foster cares and bouncing from home to home. Now, they are only partially wrong for thinking that way. When putting a child up for adoption there is no guarantee that they will end up with a family right away, but there are ways to prevent that, as well as ways to feel safe about whose care your child will go into. To prevent these things it is best that you try to find an adoption agency and line up meetings with families that are looking to add another child or a first child to their family.

It’s not impossible to find the right family, especially since there are so many unfortunate families out there struggling with pregnancy. Being able to have a child would be a blessing to these families. Last there is parenting. Parenting is a very real possibility for anyone. In many cases people chose not become parents simply because they don’t want too, and not because they can’t be. No parenting isn’t right for everyone, but there are sacrifices for anyone that decides to become a parent. Some people just have to give up more than they are willing to like in most cases partying.

Not everyone wants to grow up at the same pace that they should, but if you bring a child into this world that is when it is definitely time to grow up. It is undeniably true and believed by any doctor that life begins at contraception. Just 18 days from conception a heart begins to beat with the baby’s own blood (Prolife Across America). Now, because there isn’t a heartbeat until about 18 days after contraception many people claim that there is no living thing, but isn’t it true that a tree has no heartbeat yet is still considered to be a living thing?

In most states around the United States you are allowed to abort your baby up to 11 weeks. At 11 Weeks: The unborn now “practices” breathing, since he/she will have to breathe air immediately after birth. Baby urinates, and stomach muscles can now contract. Vocal chords and taste buds form. Facial expressions and even smiles are evident (Prolife Across America). It would seem extremely inhumane to kill something that has a heartbeat, breathes, urinates, and can taste, but in this world, it is not murder. It is astonishing that so many people believe that abortion is the best option.

Only in extenuating circumstances like a rape victim or a fetus diagnosed with trisomy 13 should abortion even be an option. There are some many alternatives, and these alternatives are usually better for you, the baby, and even other people. A woman has a say as to what she does with her body and her life, but what about the life of the baby inside of her? Abortion is murder and it needs to be stopped. For anyone that still believes that abortion is not murder think about this. If abortion isn’t murder, then why is it that if a pregnant woman is murdered you get charged with a double homicide?