Argumentative Essay On Syrian Refugees

A series of pro-democracy protests that took place in 2011 in Syria has escalated into a full-blown civil war. Because of this, one of the bigger issues that has risen over the past few years is the amount of people that have fled Syria due to the war. Roughly, over four million Syrian refugees had to flee; most of them are women and children. This has not only developed into a problem for the refugees themselves but to many neighboring countries as well. Some of these include Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Greece. The U.N has taken note over the situation since many countries are struggling to accommodate the thousands of refugees that come in on a regular basis.
One of the countries that have been struggling in particular to keep up with the Syrian immigration is Turkey….

Amongst them, the biggest factor contributing to their injuries is gunshot wounds. Furthermore, the mortality rate amongst the ones that need intensive care is a staggering 55%. This would not be such a problem if only a couple of refugees were treated, but the reason this is starting to alarm the Turkish government is because refugees are coming in by the thousands. “According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, 182,621 Syrian refugees were living in Turkey mid-February 2013. With the influx of huge numbers of Syrians into Turkey, anti-immigrant, anti-Arab discourses have surfaced among the Turkish public.” (Senay Ozden) Consequently, the Turkish public is not particularly happy about the Syrian refugee crisis because thousands of people are coming into their country and consuming their resources.
Samira Shackle suggests that the Syrian refugee crisis is not only happening in Turkey but also around the European Union. Many of these countries are closing down their border in order to avoid the immigration of refugees. It has been estimated that roughly around 2.6 million people have fled war torn Syria and even though most of them make it to Jordan and Turkey, a…