Arranged Marriage Vs Forced Marriage Essay

The deliberation of the word marriage is connected to thoughts, feelings, emotions either its love marriage, arranged marriage or forced marriage. Antecedently, discussing the concept of forced marriage and arranged marriage, I would like to bring thoughts of the reader toward two stories related to forced and arranged marriage. Begin with a story of a poor family with only the father somehow making some earning and have two daughters that he wanted to get married as soon as possible because they were getting older. As we can assume after a certain age, usually it gets harder for the girls to get married.

So whoever was telling the father or the mother that we have seen this Rishta (marriage) for a daughter? The people are exquisite, and your daughter would be triumphant. What else would the parent want, then marrying their daughter to family, which is nice and could keep her happy? However, unfortunately, the girl liked somebody else, and she did not want to get arranged marriage. However, she was forced to marry with the choice of her father. Sometimes the forced marriage can bring much difficulty to girl’s life without realizing it.

The ex-lover of the girl started to blackmail her that, I will tell the whole village and your husband about the relationship we had. Somehow the husband finds out about it, and the husband started to torture her, beats her and would tell her it is shameful to live with you. Usually, parents decide to marry their daughter without thinking about the consequences they are going to face later on in their life. Now in this kind of situation, what would the girl do? Either way, the girl’s life gets complicated, or she would end up in a divorce. Another story I would like to bring to light would be arranged marriage.

However, it is connected to my sister’s life because her marriage was fixed as arranged marriage. Even though it was arranged my parents give her one whole year to think about it and talk to the guy and get to know him and then make the decision. Now she is jubilant about the decision my parents made for her by choosing the guy and letting her know about him before marriage. The primary focus of this paper is to explain different concepts of forced and arranged marriage. Most of the people assume forced and arranged marriage is the same ne thing.

However, in reality, forced marriage is a nightmare for a girl even how hard they try to get out of it is impossible to escape from it. In an arranged marriage, at least, the girl or boy gets the choice to speak out. Arranged marriages are marriages that are arranged by families, specifically parents or other elder members of the family; it is a cultural and traditional norm. Many people assume arranged marriages and forced marriages are similar in fact they are not. It is imperative to clear that forced marriage and arranged marriage are completely two different practices. In South Asia, forced marriages are common.

It is against the persons will especially girls face this obstacle. Arranged marriages are fixed by the parents, but where the groom and bride get the time to decide whether they want to marry that person or not. Arranged marriage in past years was different where the parents set up everything. The groom and bride would not know about each other. Both would be completely stranger to each other. Before, arranged marriage was more like two families marrying each other instead of two individual getting married. Now in modern days in arranged marriage, the groom and bride get the permission to speak over the phone and get to know each other.

The couple might exchange the photos, but it all depends on how liberal couple’s parents are. The couples also get the chance to meet to conclude their compatibility. The modern arranged marriage is slightly similar to the blind date. The parents also try to find out everything about the groom before mixing the marriage because they want to know if they are marrying their daughter to the right person or not. Forced marriage is a practice in which a marriage takes place without the free consent of the individuals getting married. A forced marriage can happen to anyone; of any gender, of any age.

Forced marriage would be considered as a form of violence and an abuse of human rights. However, in forced marriages there is no choice. If the person said no it would be threatened, pressured, bribed, and sometimes being tricked. Whereas, sometimes in forced marriage, the parents would not even see the age difference; they do not care if the groom is 10 -15 years older than the bride. According to the article “Marriages made in hell”, “he was not my age, he was a lot, lot older and I did not want to marry him. I was happy with an arranged marriage, but I didn’t want to marry him…

I wanted to jump offstage and run away. But couldn’t for my father’s dignity and my father’s pride” (Bryant). A lot of girls sacrifice their life so the parents will not get embarrassed in front of others. The only thing they care about is their reputation. Is the reputation is more important than their children’s happiness. The parents do not think about their daughter if the daughter is not happy how she was going to survive after the marriage. The young girls get married at the age when they should be in school and getting an education