Best Buy Company Case Study Essay

Best Buy Company is one of the leading companies in US and Canada dealing with the retailer of the consumer electronics. The company has over 400 stores worldwide offering a wide variety of products worldwide , among the company’s major products include the following ; mobile phones, gaming systems appliances, computers , televisions among other components and accessories. However, the company has adopted a variety of strategies that sees it enter successfully into the competitive markets; for instance, it has developed a culture that promotes excellence customer services, minimized or no commission on some products, employing highly experienced and skilled staffs . These have seen the Best Buy company expand to many successful branches and increased production over some a good period of time.
Several opportunities including the economies of scales and global expansion are among the major areas of focus when carrying out an external analysis for the…

However, the kind of weakness that the company faces under this section include the specific legal issues and sometimes the reduced product life in the market that sees the company experience low financial situations leading to high pricing pressure. The following is the analysis of Best Buy Company basing on the case study provided:
Current Situation
The Best Buy company has recently developed several strategic resources that support it in competing with other competitors for survival, this has therefore led to its expansion resulting to the current increased trends in the supply of its products globally. The company has several locations ranging from within the nation to the global level. Its
Internal systems have greatly helped it by easing the movement of products from its various stores to the customers’…