Breakfast Club Essay

The Breakfast Club is a 1985 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film written, produced, and directed by John Hughes. The film stars Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy as teenagers from different high school cliques who spend a Saturday in detention together. The title refers to the nickname given to the five main characters in the film.

The film received positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success upon its release. The Breakfast Club has been considered one of the greatest teen films of all time. In 2016, the United States Library of Congress selected the film for preservation in the National Film Registry as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

The Breakfast Club is often cited as a classic example of the high school experience in American popular culture. The film’s popularity has led to it being studied extensively in sociology classes across the United States. The film’s Legacy and influence is also seen in other works, such as the films Pretty in Pink (1986) and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), which were both written and directed by John Hughes.

Cliques are made up of people who have similar passions and goals, and spend the majority of their time together. They can be found at every high school. The Breakfast Club is a film about five students from different cliques coming together in a bad situation—detention. At the start of the movie, these five characters appear to be completely distinct individuals with nothing interesting to say to one another.

The film does an excellent job of representing the typical teenage cliques: the preppy princess, the jock, the rebel, the brainiac, and the outcast. The movie follows these students as they grow to understand each other and eventually become friends.

The Breakfast Club is a classic 80s movie that has been referenced countless times in popular culture. The film deals with important topics such as mental health, bullying, and relationships. The Breakfast Club is an important movie that everyone should watch at least once.

However, throughout the movie, the sanctions of each clique lose their significance and they discover that they have formed their own clique: The Breakfast Club. The “princess” is Claire; an upper-class, popular socialite in detention for skipping class to go shopping.

She is shown to be materialistic, and her main concern is her appearance. Bender is the “criminal”; a lower-class, tough teenager who often gets into fights and vandalizes school property. He is shown to be rebellious, and his main concern is not being seen as weak. Andrew is the “athlete”; a star football player who is in detention for cheating on a test. He is shown to be cocky and arrogant, and his main concern is others seeing him as anything other than perfect.

Allison is the “basket case”; an outcast who is in detention for spreading rumors about The Breakfast Club film review another student. She is shown to be strange and eccentric, and her main concern The Breakfast Club film reviewis that others see her as weird. Finally, Brian is the “brain”; a straight-A student who is in detention for The Breakfast Club film review having a pipe bomb in his locker. He is shown to be extremely uptight and anxious, and his main concern is that he will not live up The Breakfast Club film reviewto his parents’ expectations.

During the course of The Breakfast Club film, each character slowly begins to open up to the others, and they eventually form a close bond. By the end of the movie, they have all realized that they are more than just their stereotypes; they are complex individuals with unique interests, personalities, and problems. The Breakfast Club is a classic film that perfectly captures the teenage experience. It is funny, heartwarming, and relatable, and it is definitely worth a watch.

In comparison, Bender is a low-class (and perhaps abused) young man who believes himself to be a sociopathic “criminal.” Because Bender challenges and defied authority on a daily basis, he became a detention professional. Andrew (the jock) is an organized and driven wrestler who wants to break free from the constraints of the athlete role. Brian (the brain) is a straight-A student who has trouble managing high expectations for grades—and who is currently devastated about his recent failures in shop class.

Claire is a beautiful and popular young woman who feels she needs to be perfect–and who is stuck in the role of “princess.” The Breakfast Club film is an American classic that has resonated with multiple generations since its release in 1985. The movie follows five high school students – Andrew, Bender, Brian, Claire, and Allison – as they serve detention on a Saturday morning. The teens are all from different social groups and initially seem to have nothing in common.

However, as the day progresses, they open up to each other and form unlikely friendships. The Breakfast Club offers a relatable and timeless story about the struggles of adolescence. The film also tackling important themes such as peer pressure, conformity, and self-discovery. The movie has become a cult classic in part due to its iconic 80s soundtrack. The Breakfast Club is a must-watch for any fan of coming-of-age movies.

The status of a student at the start of the session is decided using the pecking order of the school’s social hierarchy. During the week, Andrew and Claire have a high social standing. They are aware of their common position level, and they sit next to each other as they go into detention. The two talk about their high-status friends while the others in detention listen.

The two then make a plan to ditch detention and go to the library. Meanwhile, Bender is sitting by himself in the back of the room. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything. The only thing on his mind is causing trouble. When Andrew and Claire try to leave, Bender stops them. He wants to make sure that they don’t get away with anything. The three then get into a fight which lands all of them in detention for the rest of the day.

The Breakfast Club is a classic film that is still relevant today. The film looks at the social hierarchy of high school and how it can impact students’ lives. The film also demonstrates how different kinds of people can come together and understand each other despite their differences. The Breakfast Club is a must-see for any film lover.

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