Communication Skills Self-Assessment

I do believe there are times when I walk away from conflict or let things go that do not seem important. I believe however that there is a time and place for all these styles. “How Good are Your Communication Skills? ” was the second assessment I took (Mindtools. com, n. d. a). This assessment is important because communication skills are the most important skills needed in the workplace. This assessment rated a communication from the sender to the receiver. The assessment scores a person from a 15 to a 75. A lower score meant a person really has to work on their communication skills where as a 75 meant a person was excellent (Mindtools. om, n. d. a). I scored a 60.

When I saw my score and read what it meant I was relieved to see that I am good communicator. That I understand my role as a communicator not only when I send messages but when I receive them too. The one thing I think I struggle with is email. I hate reading long emails, I am still old school, and would rather talk over the phone instead of reading a long email. I guess this is something I will need to work on. “How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? ” was the third assessment I completed (Mindtools. com, n. d. a). This assessment was useful looking at my people skills.

The assessment was scored on a scale of 15-75. A lower score means a person needs to work on their emotional intelligence; meaning people in this level may feel overwhelmed by their emotions or may even avoid conflict. A higher level means that a person has a higher emotional intelligence; meaning they have great relationships and people come to them for advice. I scored a 56 (Mindtools. com, n. d. a). When I saw this score, I could see how that it could be right. I do believe I have good relationship with some of my colleagues but others I find to be more difficult to work with.

I believe that I could improve this by building my self-confidence when I am in large group of people. “Interpersonal Skills Self-Assessment” was the last assessment I took (“Interpersonal skills self-assessment,” n. d. ). This assessment assessed interpersonal scores. These skills are needed to have successful relationships everywhere. The questions covered 4 areas; listening skills, verbal communication, emotional intelligence, and working in groups. My score was an 83% (“Interpersonal skills self-assessment,” n. d. ). A score of an 83% means that I have excellent interpersonal skills (“Interpersonal skills self-assessment,” n. . ).

That I have a variety of meaningful relationships and I am a “people person”. This assessment told me that the career path I would be best suited for would one where I would deal with different types of people on a regular basis (“Interpersonal skills self-assessment,” n. d. ). I do see patterns though out the assessments. I see that I have high emotional intelligence, which in turn leads to great communication skills. The area that is my strength would have to be my emotional intelligence. I believe this is strength because it makes me approachable to others and easy to work with.

I believe without emotional intelligence the other skills would be impossible to build. The two areas of growth that I have identified are my communication skills and my self-confidence. I picked communication skills because I was having a hard time getting my ideas out of my head when I was stressed out. I learned that I just need to take a minute, step back, and breath. Then I could get the ideas and words out of my head. The second I picked out was my self-confidence. I struggle with self-confidence but not as much as I did when I began this program.

I know can tell myself that I know more than what I think and go with my gut. Leadership Goal My goal for the leadership class was to understand more about leadership and get a passing grade. I hated the leadership class I never understood why I had to a class if all I wanted to do was go to work, care for people, and go home. Since getting a nursing lgjob, I have come to realize that nursing is being a leader. Leadership is more than being a manager it is being able to prioritize, delegate, organize and learn how to work with others in a group situation.

Yes I have been able to understand more about leadership even though it has taken me a little longer to get there. Essentials of Baccalaureate Essential VI: Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration for Improving Patient Outcomes (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2008). I chose this one because effective communication and collaboration is necessary to providing patient centered care. Teamwork among healthcare professionals equals high quality and safe patient care. The communication assessment falls under this essential perfectly. Without good communication skills, patient care would suffer.

As I continue to grow my communication skills I will not only become a better nurse I will also become a better person. By growing these skills I will improve my skills and be able to communicate more effetely with those I work with. Improvement of skill The area I feel like I would like to work on is my communication skills. My communication skills assessment was the lowest. I know there are times where I still struggle to get my ideas out of my head. Communication skills are asset to my nursing career. Not only will I have to continue to collaborate with others in my work place I will also have to continue to communicate for clients.

Having impressive communication skills will make my clients safer because I will be able to advocate for them by voicing concerns to the others in the healthcare team. Conclusion I have learned so much by doing these self-assessments. I know the areas were I excel and I know the areas where I need to work on the skills. I also learned about the Baccalaureate Essentials and what skills they tie into. I know that as I become more proficient nurse there will always be room to improve the basic skills such as, conflict management, communication style, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills.