Compare And Contrast Govinda And Siddhartha Essay

Together, Govinda and Siddhartha prove they are worthy of finding meaning to life, the two split up to find peace, love, and happiness. Siddhartha and Govinda are best friends that set out on a quest to find peace, love, and happiness, but they both know they learn different so they split up to seek the keys to life. When Siddhartha reaches a town, he finds himself lost in love, but soon figures out that this life has brought him depression and anger more than anything. Once Siddhartha had left, Govinda set out on the path of the Buddhas, thinking it would bring him peace.

When Siddhartha is left with taking on the role of being the Ferry Man, he realizes that he has found peace, love, and happiness. Govinda learned so much from the Buddha, but did not find what he was looking for, so he sets off on his own journey to find peace and meets up with Siddhartha who has found peace. He looks up to what Siddhartha has done throughout his life to find peace. Siddhartha and Govinda are best friends that want to journey to find enlightenment. Siddhartha becomes a Samana to learn to find Self, but with the help of Govinda they decide they want to pursue a different life.

Siddhartha is a person that likes to experience the life unlike Govinda, who would rather be taught how to live that life. Siddhartha and Govinda leave the Samana life in search of the Buddha who has found enlightenment. Govinda chooses to stay with the Buddha because he can learn from the Great One to find enlightenment. Siddhartha lives up to his lifestyle and leaves Govinda behind to learn from the Great Buddha. Siddhartha then leaves in search of finding happiness, love, and peace. When Siddhartha and Govinda set off together in search of happiness, love and peace, each find he best way they learn.

Govinda chooses to stay with the Great Buddha in search of the qualities to enlightenment, because the Great Buddha has the knowledge of an enlightened soul. Since Siddhartha learns best by experiencing, he sets off to find his own happiness, love, and peace. Siddhartha becomes a wealthy man with a beautiful woman; Siddhartha believes he has found love and happiness within this life. He realizes that everything he has earned left him with nothing more than what he came with. Siddhartha becomes depressed and leaves behind everything to find himself dying on the inside.

As he sleeps on a river bank, Govinda crosses paths with sleeping Siddhartha which then forces him to believe there is more to life, and he has not found love, peace, and happiness. In Siddhartha’s life as a Samara, he experienced love, but did not learn it. Leaving for what he has become and to experience what near-death feels like, Siddhartha is saved by the river and Govinda. Without hearing the OM and Govinda, Siddhartha would’ve killed himself for being unruly and selfish. Govinda learns best by following a teacher, but when Siddhartha leaves behind the Buddha; Govinda is then left to follow the Buddha by himself.

Govinda then takes on great experiences from the Buddha and learns that he seeks more than just happiness. As a monk, Govinda learns the teachings, never thinking about Siddhartha till he sees the man sleeping by the river bank. As he wakes the man, he gets the feeling that he knows this man. Siddhartha then recognizes Govinda and in that moment Govinda saved Siddhartha from suicide. This leaves Siddhartha to think about what his life was and what he can do to change it. Siddhartha then sets out in the woods to seek happiness, love, and peace, but just sits by the the river and think.

Siddhartha leaves himself thinking if he made the right decisions to leave and seek new experiences of happiness, love, and peace. Govinda as a Buddha, likes the teachings and continues his learning from the Great Buddha. When Govinda saved Siddhartha from death, they both realize they are not in the right position to finding happiness, love, and peace, so they leave to find something new. When Siddhartha meets the Ferry Man, Siddhartha is influenced to find his inner love and happiness. He does this when Kamala and his son come by the river; Siddhartha meets his son and falls in love.

Kamala dies by a snake bite and the son grieves while Siddhartha moves on. The son leaves because he doesn’t want to be with Siddhartha, he would rather live the rich life. Siddhartha realized he has lost his pride and joy, and sets off after him, but when he finds him he realizes his son must find love happiness, love, and peace. He met Govinda and while talking, Govinda told Siddhartha that he has already found peace,just by the way he carries himself. Siddhartha never knew he had a son, and when he met his son, he knew he had found his happiness and love.

His son meant everything to him, but if it was best that the son leave then Siddhartha was happy for his boy to find happiness without him. Siddhartha always listens and learns from everything, so Govinda said he has found peace that’s when Siddhartha knew his journey was over. Govinda has left the Buddha to find his own peace and travels long and tirelessly. He comes across Siddhartha when crossing the river, and seeks information of Siddhartha, his oldest and greatest friend. Siddhartha talks to Govinda at his home on the other side of the river, not only to tell him about his son, but also his experience with Vasqueda.

Govinda tells Siddhartha that he is traveling to find peace, just as Siddhartha did, and it has been “hard and dark. ” Govinda doesn’t know much about learning from experiencing, but he has learned a few things from Siddhartha, and will pursue finding peace. Govinda has learned so much from Siddhartha and his other teachers, but never knew that it was his own journey that leads him to peace. Since Govinda started out having found happiness and love, it changed that way he looked for peace. Siddhartha had to find all three on his journey and that made the difference in Siddhartha’s life; Govinda looked up to Siddhartha, so the ifferent ways to find the keys to life, led them to different experiences.

Siddhartha leaves his family behind to journey out and find peace, love, and happiness, to discover each key to life at different times. Siddhartha loses his son, but knows what happiness and love is; the keys to life is a connection to his life journey. Govinda starts out knowing what love and happiness are, but leaves with Siddhartha to find peace. When the Buddha wasn’t enough, Govinda left on his own journey seeking peace, but little did he know his best friend had found peace. Knowing Siddhartha had found peace, Govinda knew that he could find peace as well.