Conflict In Macbeth Essay

The play Macbeth written by William Shakespeare is a perfect example of the use of foreshadowing. Macbeth throughout the play is forced into acts he would not normally do because of his wife’s brief appearances and words. One event scattered with examples was Macbeth’s murder of King Duncan. After the encounter, Macbeth is filled with a sense of guilt and horror. Macbeth was not the first person to kill a king, but Macbeth was the first one to come back from doing it feeling as if he had murdered his own father.

Macbeth’s wife has been seeing apparitions all throughout the play. Macbeth himself even sees one in this scene after murdering King Duncan. Macduff says, “All my pretty ones? Did you say all?… how about my married daughters? ” Macbeth responds by saying, “………. Alas, poor ghost! ” Lady Macbeth then asks him what’s wrong and Macbeth replies again by saying that his mind must have been playing tricks on him. Then she asks Macbeth if he “saw any marks of death” on King Duncan.

Macbeth replies by saying, “Oh yes!… blood and stuff. Macduff then says that Macbeth has the eyes of a dead man. Macduff’s sons are mentioned once again in this scene when Macduff asks Macbeth what happened to them. Lady Macbeth interrupts him by saying, “………….. Are you armed? What need you/ your sword?… There’s no design against you. ” Macbeth takes his wife’s words as truth and responds with consent by following her advice. Here is another example of foreshadowing during one of Macbeth’s family dinner scenes at home before the fateful night Macbeth murders King Duncan.

Macduff mentions his family again when Macbeth begins to ask Macdonlad about the fight he just returned from. Macbeth says that Macdonlad is “murdered. ” Macdonald then says, “I must report that I got words of such depth/…….. and gravity… whose truth to tell/ made my coming hither appeall even dangerous to me. ” Macbeth’s response was, “How came you so? ” Macdonald answered by saying, “By Fortune is it/ thrown on me; never did bare and tree…. catch such hard rind. Never hung poison on a fouler toad… than… this murderous Macbeth. “

Macbeth is a Shakespearean play based around Macbeth, the Scottish Thane of Glamis and Cawdor who rises to power as King of Scotland. Macbeth seems to have everything going for him: he has a healthy wife and children, loyal noblemen, and a promising future. However, Macbeth is constantly having nightmares that he will become a tyrant just like his father-in-law King Duncan’s murderer, King Macdonwald. Macbeth then seeks out three witches on the heath near Forres where they tell him that eventually Macbeth will be crowned Thane of Cawdor and no one will “be able to stand against” (II. ii13) him; Macbeth is angered until Macdonwald joins forces with King Duncan, Macbeth begins to plot Macdonwald’s murder.

Macbeth has a war council and several noblemen discuss whether or not Macbeth should go through with killing Macdonwald; they agree that Macbeth would be crazy if he didn’t kill Macdonwald. Macbeth goes to visit his wife, Lady Macbeth and she tries to convince him that he must commit the murder: “Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, Till thou applaud the deed. ” (I. vii42-43).

Macbeth then sets out on his journey where he gets into a quarrel with another nobleman who he then kills. As soon as Macbeth kills Macdonwald, Macbeth hears a cry of “Amen” meaning he has been blessed. Macbeth then becomes Thane of Cawdor and later the King of Scotland. Macbeth then continues to kill anyone who stands in his way or tries to betray him, Lady Macduff and her son are murdered along with Macduff’s family members. Macduff is outraged at his wife and children’s murders so an army forms against Macbeth told by Malcolm, Duncan’s son.

Macbeth is defeated at the Battle of Dunsinane but gets away where he ends up being murdered by Macduff before he could be crowned king again. A major conflict Macbeth was dealing with in Macbeth was Macdonwald, who Macbeth had to kill for his own good. Macdonwald could have easily turned against Macbeth during the war so Macbeth’s noblemen advised him that he must kill Macdonwald which Macbeth eventually did. Another conflict in Macbeth is when Lady Macduff and her son are murdered by assassins sent out by King Duncan’s son Malcolm.

This shows how ruthless King Duncan’s son can be to try and get rid of anyone who doesn’t support him. The last major conflict in the play is when an army forms against Macbeth led by Malcolm which results in a battle at Dunsinane where Macbeth loses and gets killed. Macbeth is a tragedy about a nobleman who has good intentions but wants to become king so bad that it drives him to be ruthless and kill people which results in his death.

Macbeth had no intentions of becoming king at first, but after Macdonwald was murdered Macbeth wanted the throne so he got rid of everyone who opposed him which eventually led to Macduff killing Macbeth. Conflict was all over Macbeth from Macdonwald, Malcolm and Macduff leading armies against Macbeth and finally Malcolm getting revenge on Macbeth by murdering him for his crimes. Roman Polanski’s film adaptation of Macbeth feels like Shakespeare’s play with some added scenes that were probably taken out of Macbeth.

The biggest difference between Macbeth’s play and Macbeth is that Macduff had a son in the film while Macduff did not have any child in the play. This addition to Macbeth was for some reason if Macduff didn’t have a son he would never get revenge on Macbeth, even though Macduff’s family members were murdered as well which should make him angry enough to kill Macbeth. There was also a scene where Malcolm and his army come back and fight at Dunsinane castle with Macduff, but no such scene exists in Shakespeare’s play.

I believe this scene was added because it could show how epic the battle was going to be or maybe it was taken out of Macbeth and put into Macbeth. Macbeth isn’t too different from the play, but it is still a great movie that makes many changes such as Macduff’s son or added scenes to add more action into Macbeth. Macbeth is probably one of Shakespeare’s most action-packed tragedies with how much conflict Macbeth has when Macdonwald, Malcolm, Macduff, and Macbeth fight.

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