Democritus: Enrico Fermi Planetary Model Essay


Democritus believed that there were four properties of atoms:
Atoms are small hard particles,
Made of a single material formed into different shapes and sizes,
They are always moving,
and they form different materials by joining together.

In 425 BC, Democritus was suggesting ideas that were hundreds of years ahead of him. He suggested that everything was made up of atoms. He suggested that atoms were small hard particles, were a single material formed into different shapes and sizes, they are always moving and they join together to form different materials. But due to no real proof he was considered a fool and that he was crazy.


Aristotle believed that there were five different types of elements:

But Niels Bohr looked into this and found out that electrons move in paths around the nucleus. Surprisingly these electron can move from one path to another. They can also jump to a path that is a level above. Bohr created a model called the planetary model. This model shows how the electron move in different energy levels.

Enrico Fermi — 1940

Enrico Fermi was the very first person to create a nuclear reactor, a device used to control nuclear chain reactions. It is mostly used today to generate electricity at nuclear power plants, but they have many other uses

Werner Heisenberg-1926

Werner Heisenberg worked right around the time of James Chadwick. He discovered that neutrons, electrons and protons do not have a direct connection. His discoveries introduced atomic physics. He found out that the number of neutrons are not always the same. One thing led to another and the discoveries of Heisenberg helped to create the nuclear bomb.

Henry Moseley

Henry Moseley’s findings allowed for a more accurate placement for elements on the periodic table. He used x-ray spectra to study atomic structures to do this. Because of Mosleys discoveries, the periodic table is ordered by an elements atomic…