Descriptive Essay On A Cleat

For two years, I played each soccer game with the same pair of cleats. These cleats stayed with me 6 different seasons, 5 different teams, and almost 100 games. The cleats were dark blue (once light blue), and had neon yellow laces. They weren’t the finest cleats, but I had grown a bond to them over the years. The coloring on the sides had fully altered from the color that I once bought it as, and the ends of the laces were fraying. It’s not that I never had the opportunity to let them go, in fact each season, I considered getting a new pair, but my cleats and I were inseparable.

Though one day, tragedy struck, the side of my shoe had completely torn apart, leaving a gaping hole in the cleat. As much as I loved these shoes, it made me realize that it was time to finally let them go. So at the beginning of this spring season, I went again to the nearby soccer store to find myself the newest…

This shoe store was massive, though the one shoe I wanted came only in a 6.5. A 6.5 is pretty small for a women’s shoe size, and I wondered how one could possibly fit into that small size.

Though I realized that this phenomenon sounded familiar. In fact, I realized exactly why I felt this way. There are 38 different sizes of girl’s shoes, though this specific shoe only contained one. This is so similar to so many clothing brands nowadays. In a world so keen on trying to preserve body image, so many clothing companies around the world are selling “one size fits all” clothing.

“One size fits all” stores are becoming more and more popular. This may seem nice, like we can all wear the clothes they carry, in reality, so many of us don’t fit, which is one more reason to feel bad about our bodies.

So as my research topic, I wanted to discover how not only the `one size fits all` labels are effecting our society, but how clothing companies are causing people to compare themselves to idealistic and unrealistic images that they have created as…