Distracted Driving Essay

There are many dangers associated with distracted driving. Perhaps the most obvious danger is that it increases the risk of being involved in an automobile accident. Distracted driving can also lead to costly accidents, as well as injuries and even fatalities.

In addition to the risks posed to drivers, passengers and others on the road, distracted driving can also cause property damage. Distracted driving can result in hitting a curb, veering off the road or into oncoming traffic, or crashing into another vehicle or object.

Another danger of distracted driving is that it can lead to citations and fines from law enforcement. In some states, texting while driving is against the law and can result in a ticket. In other states, talking on a cell phone while driving can also lead to a citation.

Distracted driving is a serious issue and one that should not be taken lightly. If you are going to use your cell phone while driving, or if you are going to text while driving, please make sure that you are doing so safely and responsibly. Do not put yourself or others at risk by distracted driving. Distracted driving is simply not worth the risk.

For years now, the concerns of texting and driving have been a problem. Many persons are to blame for being distracted drivers. Being distracted behind the wheel, regardless of age, is extremely hazardous. Even if it’s against the law, people will do anything they want because they believe they can get away with it.

Texting and driving is one of the most common forms of distracted driving. It is also the most dangerous. When you are texting, you are not only looking at your phone, but you are also taking your hands off the wheel. This means that you are not in control of your car. If something were to happen, you would not be able to react in time.

There are other forms of distracted driving as well. Eating, drinking, talking on the phone, and even just talking to someone in the car can all be distractions. It is important to be aware of everything that is going on around you when you are driving.

The best way to avoid being a distracted driver is to put your phone away. If you are going to be on the phone, pull over to the side of the road. It is not worth risking your life or the lives of others just to answer a phone call.

If you are a distracted driver, you are not only putting yourself at risk, but you are also putting everyone else on the road at risk. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents and it is something that can be avoided. Be aware of your surroundings and do not use your phone while you are driving.

Despite the fact that texting and driving is both dangerous and outlawed, individuals continue to be distracted by a handheld device, the radio, or something else outside of their car. These various distractions might result in serious injuries or death.

There are three types of distracted driving:

Visual – When you take your eyes off the road

Manual – When you take your hands off the wheel

Cognitive – When you take your mind off of driving

All distractions are dangerous, but text messaging requires all three types of attention. That’s why texting and driving is so dangerous. It takes your eyes off the road, one hand off the wheel, and your mind off of driving. You are effectively blind, crippled, and not paying attention when you text and drive.

Alcohol impairs several cognitive functions, such as thinking, reasoning, and muscular coordination. All of these skills are necessary for operating a car safely. “Alcohol is a mind-altering drug that can reduce brain function and impair thought processes and muscle coordination,” (NHTSA).

Many people believe that drinking and driving is more dangerous than texting while driving. “Many public safety advocates claim that the current distracted driving problem resembles the drunk driving problem in the 1980s,” (Upfront). Both of these distractions are hazardous; both are deadly; therefore, they should be dealt with in the same way.

Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving. There are three main types of distraction: visual, manual, and cognitive. “Text messaging is the most alarming distraction because it combines all three types of distraction,” (Facts).

It can be hard to pay attention to the road when you’re focused on sending a text message. Even if you’re not texting, using your cell phone while driving can be very dangerous. “Nearly 431,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2014,” (Facts). That’s almost 400,000 more people than in 2013.

Similarly, driving when fatigued is also hazardous. “It claimed 846 lives in 2014,” according to NHTSA (NHTSA). When someone gets into a car and is tired, they are putting their life at risk as well as others’ lives. There are several methods for avoiding the use of automobiles while drowsy, including getting rest, avoiding alcohol before driving, drinking coffee, and taking naps in-between rest stops.

Although all of the distractions listed above our sometimes fatal, there are many ways to avoid every one of them.

It is the driver’s responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and to focus on the task at hand, which is driving. With so many new technologies, it can be easy to get distracted while driving.

Drivers need to remember that they are operating a vehicle and that they need to pay attention to the road. They also need to be aware of other drivers and pedestrians around them.

Distracted driving is dangerous and it claim many lives each year. It is important for drivers to be aware of the dangers of distracted driving and to take steps to avoid it.

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