Essay about The Negative Influence Of Media Bias

The media presents news in a very inadequate way, where the the justice system is inaccurately reported and analyzed. So, as a result the public has little to no information on what is really happening. People can get different perspectives on the information that’s covered in the news, leading them to have different opinions, some being negative, and some being positive. It all depends on how they choose to present it. Although you are able to see incidents like mass shootings, riots, and police brutality, while assuming that the information brought to you is true. You must also consider the fact that the media will occasionally prevent people from looking at the situation from a broader point of view. They do so by being bias, covering up important information, and manipulation. All things considered, it would be quite reasonable of us to agree that we must know how to trust the media, as we avoid being deceived.

As we all know, it is certain that the media will be hesitant to tell us everything that there is to know about. They would even be the ones to pursue this type of behavior for their own benefit as well as for others. According to an article called The Media and Crime, the media is bent on carefully releasing information based on crimes to the public as a means of controlling the public’s behavior. One false move and the media will find that the public will be questioning their every motive. More people will become suspicious of them giving them the disadvantage in persuasion and could overall decrease the amount of benefits that they could gain. So, there needs to be a solution where we can put our trust within news coverage without upsetting the media itself. The news coverage as a result, can even eliminate bias, protect the innocent, and prevent manipulation.

To put things into a clearer perspective, it would even eliminate the media’s use of moral panic to control people’s behavior. It could even help us put our trust into the media news coverage a little more and, receive higher quality news information. In return, this would save us a little effort when it comes to finding reliable information. The more news outlets that are trusted, means that more people will watch. The more views for the media, and the more trust benefits both the public and the news outlet overall. According to an article by Craig Newmark called “Desperately seeking trustworthy news” it is true that we should put more effort into making news trustworthy. As we choose not to do so we are implying that it’s okay to lie to us. So, I believe that it is agreeable for us to care for better news and quality within the media, because it would do us no good to do nothing about it.

Putting aside the introduction, to go by this course of action, we must all know that bias does indeed play a huge role within news coverage. A role that it is quite common to where it is seen a lot within different news outlets. The situation would involve police brutality, politics, and even sports, where people judge those based on their actions, and how they look like. So, it would be logical for us to do something about bias, as it is a major concern within the news. According to an article by Caleb Galoozis called “Media Bias, Alive and Well” it’s true that media bias is obvious and inevitable. However, Galoozis counters this by saying that it will only get worse over time. If we don’t do something about bias, then how can we expect to find reliable news coverage if it only gets worse.

If we were to reduce the amount of bias, then fairness, and respect are the two things that would make the news outlet a more reliable source. The idea of bias makes it unfair to those who are portrayed within news outlets, as those people are often misunderstood for their actions. Moreover, as the media does this, the public would be driven into confusion, and doubt as to what the news is telling them. Thus, giving them more reason of discouraging, rather than admiring their work. For example, according to a journal article by Timmy Cartney called “Liberal News Media Bias Has a Serious Effect” news media bias is real, and does, indeed, have a huge impact. The quality of journalism is being reduced, and fellow readers harbor much distrust, harming are democratic ways. In addition, there are more problems concerning economics, politics, and social issues of the sort. Taking action on bias can help limit these effects, but not eliminate them, as Galoozis says it’s “inevitable”.

The essential grip that bias has on news media is certainly a serious issue, even more so, is the fact that the news media likes to cover up information. It is quite known that several different news outlets cover up information, as they believe it is too much for the public to handle. This type of information could vary from scandals, to events, to celebrities, and even people with authority. When this happens, the public begins to question the motives behinds the news, and whether or not they have been bribed. So, for the news to become more trustworthy, they must be more truthful, and open about what they choose to hide. According to an article by Jean Duffey called “The Media’s Role in Federal Government Cover-ups” Duffey may claim that the government control the media’s every move. However, when it comes to dealing with things non-related to the government, is when the media has the right to cover news their way. To Clarify, the media doesn’t have to be truthful about everything, only a majority of things.

For instance, according to a political cartoon by Jeff Dunetz called Clinton part 2, Hillary Clinton has supposedly failed to sign a nondisclosure agreement. An outline saying that she would be held accountable for careless handling of classified information. This position falling within federal bounds would be kept private by the media. However, as far as it concerns scandals, events , celebrities, and anything with no bounds to the government, should have the right to be open amongst the public. To be safe, it’s possible that anything related to the government that involves something tragic could controversy, and even violence if it were to be released. Overall, keeping their information secret, and being truthful about everything else would maintain trust, and nonviolence.

Both bias, and cover ups have significant roles towards the way the news is presented in the media. One aspect of the media that utilizes both is the manipulation of people and groups through news coverage. It is where the media can get most of the benefit by making people think a certain way. According to a poem, written by Michael Fischer called Media Manipulation, it basically states that you are mindless person who has always been subjugated to the tricks. While Fischer may claim that people have always been manipulated into believing what is told, that is not always the case. It’s commonly known that not everyone can agree with the media’s info, there are those who find the media to be inappropriate due to bias, and cover ups. There are even those who try to manipulate the media itself.

To exemplify, according to a book by Ryan Holiday called “Trust Me I’m Lying Confessions of a Media Manipulator” it tells the life of Ryan Holiday. A person who manipulates the media for his own personal gains, until eventually changing his tactics to help it become better. Even though the media is skilled at manipulating, it can’t manipulate everyone. For the media’s news to become more trustworthy people must take note on how to use common sense in judging right from wrong.

To Summarize, it’s almost impossible to change the media’s way of doing things, however, we can still use our minds to deny false information. Instead of taking in inaccurate information we need to learn how to take in accurate information. Especially when judging crimes committed by people based on their stereotypes.