Essay about Why Are Illusions Bad

I think that illusions are bad because they make people see things that are not really there. Illusions could lead to someone harming themselves or someone else. Illusions can make someone see something bad that could scare them for a while, and end up making them have flashbacks. Although very few illusions could possibly be good many could make a person’s reputation go bad because if someone says they see something and it’’s not there someone could say that the other person is on drugs. These few reasons make me believe that illusions in our world are bad.

The main reason i think illusions are bad is because in the end it could lead to someone being harmed. If someone saw an illusion, and it scared those to a point where they were could harm someone or themselves. If an illusion was seen by someone, and they were thought to believe it was another person they could have gotten revenge to that person, and one person would be in jail the other harmed. For an example if someone thought to see his brother chasing him, but it was really someone else chasing him he would be full of fear.

He could have tried to do something to his brother for “revenge”, and it was really another man. If his brother didn’t know about the illusion he would have thought something was wrong, and would tried to protect himself the best way he could. I honestly think this is the main reason illusions are bad for people to view. If someone saw illusions that were bad they could end up having flashbacks that will scar them for a while. Say that a boy was watching television and he thought he saw Jason, the killer, while he was 4 years old.

This boy is only four and for the first few night he had terrible nightmares. Then he started having nightmares, flashbacks, and even thinking someone was out to hurt him. The child eventually grew up to be a teenager and every once and awhile he had flashbacks but they weren’t as bad. This child to this day is scarred by this illusion he saw when he was young. It is not fair because he didn’t know what he had saw. Having flashbacks that wasn’t true wouldn’t make me happy at all. I believe that illusions could really mess up someone’s thinking process and visual sight.

If someone was to see something that was not really there and tell someone that it was could mess up the person’s reputation really bad. A person could easily think that another person is on drugs just by someone that is said. When a person sees an illusion it is not always seen the same in the other person’s mind. If someone’s reputation is messed up it could affect someone’s job, family, and anything else in their life. Did you know someone’s life could be totally destroyed by seeing something that is not really there?

Illusions can ruin anything because of the picture it is being seen as. I believe illusions are bad because of the effect they have on someone’s life. It could lead to one main thing that i think is the worse which is someone being harmed by an illusion. When many people see illusions it could lead to them seeing flashbacks and being scarred for a while. Last, a person’s reputation could be messed up because of them seeing an illusions. This could destroy many lives. I believe illusions are bad for our world because of the negative effect it has on people.