Essay On Addiction To Drinking Soda

Do or Die In the United States, drinking soda is no longer a fad: it is an addiction. Despite the rising medical problems in our country, Americans refuse to reduce their consumption of soda. Whether soda consumers choose to deny links between soda and health risks or ignore them, it is unfortunate that these consumers are oblivious to how serious of a problem drinking soda truly is. Regardless of what companies who produce the drink claim, soda is a dangerous liquid and is harmful to the human body.

It is linked to greater weight gain, higher amounts of body fat, and an increased risk of heart disease and Type Il diabetes. Health problems in the United States will continue to grow if Americans do not decrease their soda consumption. Consumers enjoy soda because it gives them the energizing feeling of caffeine, the sweet taste of sugar, and the playful feeling of carbon dioxide bubbles; however, many consumers are simply unaware of how harmful the ingredients in soda are to the human body. In fact, soda companies rely on the ignorance of consumers in order to keep soda sales high.

These companies are aware that if consumers understood exactly what they are putting into their bodies, and the later affect it will have on their health, perhaps they would think twice before they gulped down the carbonated beverage. When asked about the effect of their products on the health of Americans, soda companies deny that soda causes health problems. According to soda companies, their products are not responsible for the spread of obesity and diabetes; they claim it is Americans’ own fault for not exercising enough to burn off what they consume.

Soda manufacturers also blame the policy makers for wasting their time demonizing the soda industry instead of encouraging people to go on diets and exercise. To stay healthy, these companies state that Americans need to increase their exercise, not decrease their soda consumption. Although soda companies can deny that soda is to blame for the rising health problems in America, they cannot deny that the ingredients that make up soda are a danger to the human body when ingested.

The main ingredients of soda are phosphoric acid, sugar or aspartame, caramel coloring, and caffeine. All of these ingredients cause imbalances in the systems of the body. These imbalances result in devastating diseases that only show up after many years of abuse. Because no direct causes can be drawn, these diseases are commonly thought of as normal aging; however, the true cause of such diseases is over excessive consumptions of soda. Though drinking soda is not the only cause of chronic illnesses, it does trigger and worsen diseases.

Along with causing harm to bodily functions, soda causes malnutrition and has a negative effect on human skin. Drinking soda reduces the number of opportunities to get properly nourished by foods, such as fruits and vegetables, which help fight cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Soda has destructive physiological consequences that contribute to early aging. While drinking soda, consumers are depriving themselves of the vitamins and minerals which are mandatory for healthy skin. When too much soda is consumed, skin becomes more prone to wrinkles and aging.

Essentially, people are not getting enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber because drinking soda leads to the development of poor eating habits. In addition to limiting the intake of vitamins and minerals, drinking soda limits kids’ intake of fresh juices, milk, and water. These drinks are mandatory for growing healthy and strong. Soda lacks proper nutrients, yet it is the number one source of calories in Americans’ diets and is the biggest single source of added sugars in kids’ diets.

In fact, soda has been the number one beverage in the United States for over twenty years. The more soda people consume, the less likely they are to eat food with real nutrient power. Soda either replaces nutritious foods in the diet or adds empty calories to the diet. Doctors, health advocates, and government officials blame soda for making people fat, but the main problem is not the soda: the main problem is the over-excessive amounts of soda Americans consume.

Americans seem to be either ignorant or uncaring that they are drinking themselves to death. Are consumers so addicted to the taste of soda that they do not think about the hazardous amount they consume or the dangers that come along with their consumption? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one third of current adults and children in the United States are either overweight or obese, and it is predicted that at least half of the American population will be obese by 2030.

Soda is an unnatural substance that causes harm to the human body. Drinking this carbonated beverage is dangerous to health and has put the health of an entire generation, and generations yet to come, at risk. Poor health that results from soda consumption has placed both emotional and financial burdens on the entire country. The time has come to put an end to these increasing health struggles and the pain that comes along with them. Americans need to cut back on their soda intake before it is too late.