Essay On Classical Liberalism

In a classical liberal government, the government plays a smaller and limited role in the lives of the people. Classical liberalism limits the state’s power thus allowing the people more freedom to do what they want. Things such as economics and social interactions are not regulated in a government that follows classical liberalism. In a government which follows modern liberalism, the government plays a much greater role. They become much more involved and are in charge of regulating things such as social and economic interactions. The government becomes an interventionist government.

The goal of the interventionist government is to provide expansive liberty to its people. Modern liberalism is a revised version of classical liberalism. It was created because some saw classical liberalism as to unequal and flawed. The concept of freedom that I would prefer to emphasize in government policy is the expansive liberty put forward by modern liberalism. I don’t agree with many of the key points that classical liberalism stands for. I don’t think the individual is more important than the state. In fact I think it’s the complete opposite. The state is more important than the individual.

Without the state, there would be chaos and anarchy but without the individual there wouldn’t be such problems. Another thing I disagree with is that the “individual is rational and capable of making his or her own decisions; this makes the individual capable of autonomy and self-government. ” Sure there might be some individual’s cable of being rational and capable of making their own decisions but not all individuals. Some need intervention from someone else to help guide them. This is where the government comes perfectly into place. “State power should be limited “is another thing that I disagree with.

Why should the power of the state be limited? The state is the one who provides us with protection from other countries, and they help keep everything under control by governing and preventing chaos. The state deserves to have as much power as necessary as long as they don’t abuse their power. “Economic inequality is not necessarily bad” is one of the key points of classical liberalism that I most strongly disagree with. I understand that not everyone can be at the exact same economic level but there shouldn’t be such extreme economic inequality.

If everyone is at a similar economic level, everyone will prosper and succeed, but if there’s people suffering with poverty and economic inequalities then the whole state will suffer as a whole. Everyone should get a chance to succeed economically. “Economic freedom is more important than economic equality” is something I don’t agree with. I don’t think there should be total economic freedom or else certain individuals with more money will take advantage of this and monopolize and unfairly take control of the market and abuse it for their own personal gain.

Government intervention in such economic situations is crucial in order to ensure everything is fair and equal. I feel like economic equality is more important, everyone should get a fair and equal chance. One of the main reasons why I prefer a government with expansive liberty put forward by modern liberalism is because I don’t believe absolute freedom or at least the freedom that is provided in a classical liberalistic government is fair. In a government that follows the classical liberal concept, feel like there’s to many ways in which individuals can infringe on others rights and deny them of their freedoms.

With government intervention in a government that runs under the expansive liberty put forward by modern liberalism I feel like there is no such problems. Everyone is granted their freedom and their rights are respected. Another reason why I support the expansive liberty put forward by modern liberalism is because everyone in the society is pushed to develop their potential and contribute to society in a positive way. It doesn’t even matter if your poor, the modern liberalistic government will find a way to help you whether it’s with welfare programs or increasing the minimum wage.

They believe everyone is equal and that everyone deserves a chance to contribute to society. While in a classical liberalistic government, people are left to fend for themselves. The government doesn’t intervene at all. The freedom that I undoubtedly prefer is the expansive liberty put forward by modern liberalism. I believe that’s the best way a government can function. Overall people end up more benefited from this type of government. In my opinion a classical liberal government is more likely crumble and not succeed because of that lack of government intervention which I believe is so crucial.