Essay On Moon Landing


There has been a big dilemma on if the 1969 moon landing was faked by the U.S or if we actually landed on the moon and made if before the soviet union. We were in a space race with the soviet union. Now it is up to you to decide if you think it is true or not.
For me, after a long time researching and testing to fake evidences were photo shopped, green screened, or just set up a fake setting, terrain and gray sand outside a building. I believe the moon landing were real do to many reasons. Now if I were you I would think its real. There so much evidence that I can’t count.

There are reasons to say that to moon landings were a fake. This is the evidence that someone tried to convince people it is real. When they we landing…

400,000 to be precise. One out of the many had to tell and it would spread like a wildfire in the Rockies. Other countries found traces of the module that they were in, to land on the moon. some more is that there are still are tracks from the LRV, boot marks, and clear signs that they were up there.
And we beat the soviet union because they had equipment to track the U.S. from earth. The astronauts brought back some of the moon rock, and things from the moon so things can get studied and so we know more about the moon. But the strongest piece of evidence was the astronauts left mirrors on the moon so scientist could shine lasers at them and prove that the moon landing was real, and a success.
So to wrap all of this up the moon landing was real. All of the evidence for it was fake well all of that was questionable evidence. The evidence to prove that it was real is good hard evidence because it can all be tested and proven that they are right. if any of your friends question your honesty well give them these facts and some of the best evidence to prove them wrong is in the fake evidence and proving why it is fake…