Essay on Oedipus The King Patriarchal Analysis

Patriarchal describes a general structure in which woman are dominated by men who are presented with power. A Patriarchal Society is composed of a male with dominated power structure throughout an organised society and in individual relationships.

Oedipus The King was based on the ways of how Greeks used to live.. Ancient Greece was known for saying that everyone should be equal with no disadvantage and that everyone should have a say in what they do. They also thought that everyone should have the right to vote. Even though they acted in these ways, Ancient Greece was still a patriarchal society. The power was always directed to the male as they were thought as the more logical and strong enforcer. Men were always given the most noble duties as they were thought as the only one who was capable of those duties.

Thebes is located in Central Greece where it has always played an important role in Greek mythology. The King and Queen of Thebes at the start of the play was Laius and Jocasta, but throughout the play, Oedipus came into power as King….

‘’ Your doom is clear: you’ll wither away to nothing, single, without a child’’ They believed that womens life would be useless without a man to rule it. The women had to marry a man because the citizens of Thebes thought if a woman wouldn’t marry a man then their lives wouldn’t be as good as if they were to be wedded. Citizens believed that women were weak and incapable of completing basic life skills, where men were strong and independent, and were able to handle more power. An example from the book where a patriarchal society is being demonstrated is when the citizens of Thebes say to Oedipus ‘’But we do rate you first of men’’. This meaning that the people look up to Oedipus because he is a male and he is their “eternal”…