Essay On Seal Hunting

Man’s presence in the eco-system requires a “green” approach to the use of animals. The principle of the sustainable use of a natural, renewable resource meets this requirement ecologically, conservationally and morally” (TheSealFishery. com). I think the seal hunt is one of the world’s best examples that refer to “green” approach to the use of a natural, renewable resource because seal hunting is a practice that is conducted safely as well as humanely.

Seal hunt is widely practiced in countries across North Atlantic because it is a sustainable and beneficial source of income in those countries. The annual seal hunt is a “multi-million-dollar industry”, first because it offers job opportunities in the areas where there is no any other source of employment secondly, the seal blubber is very rich in omega 3 fatty acid that makes it more valuable. (The Good Hunt). Despite all benefits, still there are a lot of misrepresentations about the seal hunt that creates a controversy around this issue that whether seal hunt is necessary or not?

According to me I think seal hunt is necessary because it isa sustainable source: seals are not endangered species, humane and a source of income in economically depressed areas. The major reason that why seal hunt is promoted is that the seal population is not in danger at all. But, still there are lots of myths and misrepresentation against the seal hunt. According to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, there is a common myth that sealing is unsuitable and threaten the seal population.

But, the reality is that there are plenty of healthy seals with an estimated population of 7. 4 million in the countries across North Atlantic and that is almost six times double than the past three decades. Also, in Newfoundland and Labrador, the human population is just half million but the seal population is nearly six million (Glavin 60) so the area like Newfoundland, the seal hunt is a good way to keep balance in populations.

The other reason that convinces me to be agreeing with seal hunt is that the government of Canada support and manages the sealing and it ensures that seal hunting is sustainable practice and conserve for future generations. Addition to this, the federal government determines a fixed quota that decides the annual harvesting of seals and that is basically depends upon sustainability principles also there are strict rules against overexploitation of seal hunt. (Government Of Canada).

Addition to this, the World Conservation Union (IUCN), the largest and most respected conservation organization in the world (bringing together 82 States, 111 government agencies, more than 800 NGOs, and over 10,000 scientists) supports seal hunting and because it present in abundance (seals and sealing network). Although there are some valid evidences are available that ensures that seal population is not in danger but still a lot of people highlight this reason against the seal hunt.

Despite all these, the reality and the benefits of seal hunt convince me to think that seal hunt is wrongly accused by these myths. The other common myth against the seal hunting is that seal hunting is humane. But, according to the Royal Commission on Seals and the Sealing Industry in Canada, seal hunting is more humane than the slaughterhouse if we compare both of them. The government of Canada states that seal hunt is humane practice that is followed by three processes that is “Striking”, “Checking” and “Bleeding”.

Firstly, seal harvesters hit the seal’s skull with a tool called “hakapik” or “club” after they make sure that skull is totally damaged and the seal is no longer alive or able to perceive after that they bleed the seals by separating the arteries to make sure the seal is completely dead. This is a quiet and humane way to kill the seals and by this seal do not feel pain for a long time. Mostly people oppose the seal hunt just on the basis of emotional appeal and that do not have any logical reason to support that why they oppose seal hunt.

Some people argue that sealers kill the baby seals that are inhumane because it is cruel to kill baby animals but the reality is that legally seals cannot be hunted until they release their first fur or at least 25 days older. It is illegal to kill the baby seals if any sealers violate the rule he will be fined according to regular terms and conditions approved by the government. Moreover, according to Pierre-Yves Daoust , the majority of Canadian seals were studied and the result is that the 98% seal hunting is humane (Seals and Sealing Network).

Also, seal hunting is considered as humane because seals do not keep in captivity they are free to live and they quickly killed by sealers without longer suffering. There is no any logical reason that persuades the inhumanity of seal hunt , if people have emotions for seals than they should have emotions for other animals too like pigs , cows and many others. According to the NBC news mostly Canadian support seal hunt unless it practices safely and wisely. in brief the humane killing of seals promotes the seal hunt for economic use.