Essay on The Role Of Effective Communication In Tesco

My recommendations on how to improve communication process in Tesco for greater integration of system of communication are: Within the Tesco, they have lots of methods communication among the departments. Within diverse departments in an organisation, like Management Information System (MIS) and Human Resources (HR), have lots of ways to communicate in the organisation such as: E-mail: is the most essential tool for every staff. The major advantage is to place a more suitable and time saving contact with other individuals.

Every department needs to have email addresses to contact and transfer information because it is an easy way for organisations and permit staff to send more documents during their daily activities. In addition, it builds a connection and integration among departments. Memos: can be described as the short report from people to other individuals concerning or in respect of specific subject. Managers may use Memos to communicate with their staff on the progress of the work. As regards to e-mail, it may come across as impersonal, though if it is used all the time, staff can over-look the information.

Presentation: is as well another way of sending information, mostly in meetings and conferences. Lots of composite plans may simply be presented in effective and beautiful slides by Microsoft Power Point Software. Lastly, the most excellent presentation may create good feeling to listeners (JK, 2014). Calendar notes: is another up to date online tool which makes meeting appointment or task deadlines is possible for the staff. It makes organisations to assign tasks and makes time flexible for the employees. Inside the organisation, staff meeting and group discussion play a vital role in communication process.

The major reason of meeting will be communicated to participants before the time. There are different kinds of meetings like project meeting, conference, teleconferences, and videoconference. These meetings may be formal or informal based on the reason or topic of the meeting. Moreover, managers use e-mail to communicate with their employees. As regards to the recommendation, it might help to make sure that considerable integration of communication system in Tesco Mobile Phone Company (JK, 2014). LO4. 2: College: London

School of Business and Finance Name: Ifeyinwa Okafor ID NO: M1012190 Module: MCKI Programme: January Group 1 Tutor: Violet Mtong. 13th November 2015. Dear Sirs, The approach to this question will start by firstly defining what Knowledge Management is; Knowledge management can be described as the constructing of organisational intelligence by allowing people to enhance the way they work in capturing, sharing, and using knowledge. It includes using the ideas and experience of staff, customers, and suppliers to develop or enhance the organisation’s performance. Establishing on what unctions well leads to better practice, strategy and policy (Marilyn Leask, 2008).

Improving the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination information and knowledge: Collection of data: Tesco Mobiles Phones needs to construct and design the standard of communication process between individuals. The general rule is that there should be Tesco’s formal form of report for every department. Moreover, managers need to take off the barrier between the departments which help staff to collect information without difficulty. Companies supply the modern LAN network to connect every department.

Tesco mobile phones need to work jointly with Telecom to provide modern equipment as technology. A powerful system may help Tesco to improve the effective information. Lastly, Tesco Mobile Phone has to arrange training event for new employees regarding how to collect data formatting. Designing the standard format for present systems is important to make sure that there is effective process. Tesco Mobile Phone needs to conduct the formatting to have obvious and clear information (JK, 2014). Storing Information: enhancing databases system to assist Tesco Mobile Phones have a bigger space for data storage.

With the dominance of technology, Tesco Mobile has extra choices of storage from flash memory to network area storage. The ultimate solution is that Tesco Mobile may construct a single data warehouse where they can put all the necessary data about customers, suppliers, and financial companies. Every employee should have a personal ID to access the data not having the use of operational systems. To be able to succeed, Tesco Mobile has to fund or invest the highest speed network access to help database system work properly.

Dissemination of Information: there are diverse file sharing system online like Google drive for uploading information on internet, Dropbox and SkyDrive. The platform may permit any employee of the organisation to access information from any place be it personal computers, tablets and smartphones. However, management level can access file to help improving dissemination within the organisation by: Using Emails: upgrade the organisation’s intranet and supply electronic signature for all the staff to protect secret information (UK, 2014).

LO 4. : The strategy to improve access to the current system of information and knowledge: Tesco Mobile has to design a strategy to develop and reduce the negative from external effect on performance. The major key is concentrated on determining what information and knowledge have to provide being the company’s resources. The frequent of information management and analytical are very important for the success of the company. We are in Digital Age Nowadays, so the development of technology is increasing rapidly to make different the way information was made and used by company.

Before an organisation can identify the weakness and problem of the system and then planned to take away the barrier. The part which SWOT analysis plays is vital for the organisation. The improvement of technology can minimize the barrier in the present system, so any information may be stored in online cloud sharing which anyone using internet can get access to it. Designing a nice website may assist the organisation to enhance the brand images in public. Customers may search and access information which they want.

Moreover, intranet is also an important tool to allocate or share information between departments within the organisation with further secret. In addition, it is used to communicate information to every employee by e-mail. Organisation would do a meeting all the week as it may assist individuals share their ideas to make an effective plan. Tesco mobile has to focus on the company’s culture which may assist and support information gathering from diverse origin or sources. It is essential for managers in tactical and strategic decision-making.

To make sure that there is effective of system, it is necessary that control operating above the functioning of the system. Making use of software application will question the database that makes the report and survey. Administration may definitely be controlled and managed system without difficulty than in the past. It will make sure that the access of data may be given to the right users. Besides, the structure of the organisation will become different as their roles differ.

It may proceed to integration at the functional level. The improvement of internet and electricity are important chance for the organisation. From this point, Tesco Mobile Phone Company has to operate extra or further new projects to use effectual internet to connect and curtail space which enhances or helps the information system. Data management is essential for this digital era or age since information may support organisation succeed in business and for organisational competition (IK, 2014).