Examples Of Heroism In V For Vendetta Essay

The protagonist V in V for vendetta shows heroism and thus his actions are wholly justifiable. While some of his actions can be labelled as terrorism all of his acts are for a positive reason, and thus area reasonable. Alan Moore depicts a fascist and totalitarian society where the government controls the media, the perspectives on life and the control of public/private life. V’s actions within the text are wholly justifiable. Everything he does is for a superior reason.

He is a freedom fighter who fights against the corruption of the Government. Since V is a freedom fighter, his actions are all intended to educate people about political and social freedom. As a hero, he is willing to sacrifice his life for an idea and gives people the chance to stand up against their Government. V works in a higher motive. V is not a terrorist he is a hero and his actions are wholly justifiable. V’s actions are wholly justifiable as his actions are intended to educate people about political and social freedom.

V does this by communicating to the people of London by blowing up the old bailey and Jordan Towers. V does this because he wants everyone to know about who is fate and what she’s doing to the people in London. People living in London are being watched and controlled by their Government. For example, people in London have strict laws such as night curfews. In the streets of London there are visual surveillance called the eye and everywhere. This tells us that the Government/Fate is controlling and monitoring the citizens of London.

V knows that the media is controlled by the Norse fire party and has brainwashing people in London so he goes to the television station and broadcast his speech video. V’s speech informs the people in London that their government is lying to all of us and has taken away their freedom and we should not be afraid of them. In issue five page nine V says to the people in London “… you who gave them the power to make your decisions for you! “. This quote states that it is the people who let or voted the Government and did nothing to stop.

The people of London brought this unfairness to themselves. This shows us V is educating the people in London by telling the populace that they allowed the government to take away their freedom and that it is not too late to do something about it. V’s speech is a wakeup call to the people of London. The effect of this made people in London to question themselves about their government, freedom and to think deeper about their political and social freedom, weather to stand up like V and if they do they can bring change to this country.

V’s aim is to bring hope to the people of London. He uses this speech to spread his ide order to help the people of London from being mistreated by their own Government. This clearly shows V is not a terrorist but a hero and his actions are completely justifiable. Another reason why V’s actions are fully reasonable is that Vis willing to die for an idea. He wants the people to see that the world they live in is not perfect and that we all should stand up together to show the Government we are not afraid of them.

V hopes his idea and sacrifice can bring the people a better life. The Norse fire party had been killing a wealth of people who do not suit the fascist society including homosexual’s and African’s to create a form of racial purity. they were seen as sub humans and the government did not care. Throughout most of the comic V for Vendetta, you do not see Africans, homosexuals or anyone who is not white, heterosexual, Christian and who doesn’t fit the fascist and totalitarian society except when there are flashbacks and so on.

This is because the Government had been torturing and experimenting them and for biological weapons and other purposes because of who they are. The Norse fire party and the Nazi party share similar ideologies and values. The leader of the Norse fire party is Adam Susan who is referred to as Adolf Hitler. The similarities include the policies of both parties having propaganda to spread their power, the idea that Germans were the key race in society and other minorities were seen less human and sent to concentration camps.

This idea that only one race is better than the other parallels to the Norse fire party where only whites or heterosexual are the key to the population and others were sent to Larkhill Resettlement Camp where they were dehumanised. V realizes the inconsequential act of the government put on public lives and opinions creating fear. V begins a revolution with an idea. His ideologies are fighting for what he believes in despite the government tries to silent you. In this case fighting for freedom and justice against the totalitarian Government. However, Vis altruistic.

He is willing to put society needs before his own. die for the people in London. He is prepared to die because he has no fear. V wears the Guy Fawkes mask which by wearing the mask you already know that death is coming soon. “A man can be killed and forgotten, but four hundred years later, an idea can still change the world. … Ideas do not bleed. They do not feel pain. ” This quote by Alan Moore reveals that V can be killed but the idea can never be taken away. This tells us that V is prepared to die from the moment he wears the mask for an idea to change the way people think and to make the world a better place.

There for Vis not a terrorist but a hero and his actions are fully reasonable. A further reason why V’s actions are completely justifiable is that V gives the people a chance to stand up against their Government for freedom and justice. Before V people in London were afraid of their own Government. The Norsefire Party have been using the departments such as the Eye which is visual surveillance, the Ear which is the audio surveillance, the mouth which is the use of propaganda and finger who are the secret police to maintain their power.

When V address his speech the populace began to have a voice and realize the actions of the government cannot be silence any more. For example, a little girl wears a Guy Fawkes mask to become like V to stand up against the Government Another example is V has helped Evey reach to the point of no fear. “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. ” This quote by Alan Moore reveals those in power should be afraid as they are outnumbered and when governments fear their people there is freedom which is suggesting that a Government who does not serve their people.

Governments can become a dictatorship. V is trying to say the people of London should have the ability to place representatives in power and also removed if power is being misused. When V says “People shouldn’t be afraid of their Government. Governments should be afraid of their people. ” People start to come together as a whole and to stand up to what’s right and wrong. Without v people would not have a voice the Norse fire party would gain control of power like usual. Without V there will be no revolution.

It is clear to say V is not a terrorist but a hero and V’s actions are completely justifiable. Animal Farm parallels to V for Vendetta due to the people of London, and the animals had all lived their lives based on fear. The Government has always gain power and control. Alan Moore and George Orwell share same ideas such as the totalitarian and fascist society explored in both texts. For example, Napoleon orders to kill snowball in order to maintain his power.

This event also took place by the Norsefire party dehumanising sub humans. Vi Veri Universum Vivs Vici” is a Latin phrase which means “by the power of truth, I while living have conquered the universe” this quote has appeared in the shadow gallery and reveals V is an anarchist who fights over the Government in order to improve life standards and to maintain freedom forever. V is a freedom fighter, one of his ideologies is that “People shouldn’t be afraid of their Government. Governments should be afraid of their people. ” There for through V’s actions he is a hero and his actions are wholly justifiable. Do you think people should be afraid of their Governments?