Five Generations Research Paper

Five generations described in “The Ages of Man” are Golden age, Silver age, Bronze age, Age of Heroes and Iron age. The Golden age was when the deathless gods created the golden race of men, It was the time of peace and Harmony where all the human population lived with joy and unity. This was the best time for human race since they had everything that one needs to lead a happy life even their after life was more easier since death came during sleep without any pain.

This age took place during the release of Titans where Cronus was a leader, after taking this father Uranus’s Throne but instead of living in peace, Cronus, after hearing the prophecy of being overthrown by his children,went and ate five of his children whey they were born, except Zeus who came later and set this brothers and sisters free. After this they had a war against their father for tenyears called Titanomachy, which ended the Golden age. Silver age started when Cronos was banished, the world was totally ruled by the rules of Zeus.

Olympians made a second generation of men which later come out as Silver age, they were less noble than Golden age. Silver age was inferior in all the terms compared of Golden age. They did not grew as fast as golden age they were quite immature and needed more time to grow probably they took around 100 years to grow up. Their life span was very short because of the foolish activities which they did through out their life. The worst thing which started to end their life is by commenting sins and not respecting gods this was a point where Zeus became mad and destroyed the whole Silver age.

Bronze age started when the people from silver age were sent to the underworld and vanished by becoming the blesses spirits of Hades. After destroying the Silver age Zeus started to feel boring and thats and once again he made the third age of man which later on came to be known as Bronze age. The Bronze age worshipped in destructive work of Ares and instead of bread they ate hearts of fellow men. The Broze age later on got consumed by their own rage where they started to destroy each other and later on they were sent to the underworld for eternity where they would never be able to see the light again.

Zeus ended the Bronze age by bringing Deluge or Great flood because he was very disappointed with the cannibalistic behavior of the Bronze age. After the end of Bronze age Zeus created another race which was known as the race of heroes. In this age the population were noble and they respected gods. They also had divine qualities thats why they were called demigods. The ages of hero ended by dying in wars such as Trojan war and Seven against Thebes. Souls of People who died in this war were sent to Elysian Fields or Island of the Blessed which was a kind of special place located somewhere in the underworld, surrounded by deep-swirling Oceanus.

The souls lived at this place forever with a happy and blessed life like they had enjoyed when they were alive. The last age of man was Iron age this was also created by Zeus. This was a age where Hesiod puts himself in. In this age man suffers from constant stress and labour. Human race no longer knows the meaning of morality and people are constantly opposing each other, lying and seeding mistrust for each other. This was the time were humans grew old quickly and constantly got companies with problems and pressures.

We currently are in Iron age and it is said that there will be a day when Zeus will return to destroy this race just as he destroyed the past ages. Do a little research on Helen. Who were her parents? How was she conceived? Helen of Sparta was one of the important characters of greek literature no matter ancient or modern. There was a war fought because of her which lasted ten years it is also known as Trojan war. Her father was Zeus due to which she was immortal her mother was Leda, queen of Sparta she was very beautiful and was ravished by the father of the gods in the form of a swan.

Ledas husband was tyndarecus who was unaware of his feathered predecessor also impregnated leda on the same night. She produced two eggs, one of the two eggs had Helen and Polydeuces and other contained Castor and Clytemnestra. A swan’s egg can be latest accepted for the sake of this myth it never made any sense that her pregnancy by Tyndareus should produce an egg. Halen was conceived at Rhombus by Zeus and Nemesis. Nemis was not happy with being rapde by a swan, laid an egg and left it. Leda found it, and when the egg hatched it produced Helen and Dioscuri. Hector and Paris have a lot of differences in them even if they are brothers.

Warrior like traits and nobility are the first two difference between them Hector is noble and Valiant when it comes to combat because he is a good swordsman and he doesn’t fears fighting back if somethings is imposed in front of him where as when Paris fights Menelaus he backed away from the promise he had made to fight till the death for getting Helen and in the same fight Hector would not do that because he loves to fight till death. Hector and Paris both have prince like characteristics but Hector on the same hand posses capabilities to be a great warrior which Paris doesn’t.

The best part in both of them is that they both would have done anything to save each other if they were ever about to be killed. They would also stand on each others side like When Hector killed Menelaus when he was about to kill Paris. On the other hand Paris would have also done the same but he is not as protective as Hector because even to protect someone you need to be a good swordsman like Hector. Hector hold the characteristic of warrior even if he was a Price and Paris doesn’t posses that characteristics even if he is also a Price on the same time.

This fact is exiting because one can notice there can be such huge difference between two siblings born and brought up in the same way. Achilles was the main character of The Iliad by Homer, was a Greek warrior in the Trojan War. He was also a Demigod because he was the son of Peleus and the Sea goddess Thetis. Achilles is know for his story of Achilles heel as he was invincible in all areas except for his heel and he was killed by an arrow shot through his heel. He gets a call to adventure where he initially get to know his role in war.

Odysseus and other Achaen men present Achilles with Agamemnon’s apology and gifts arm your valor (205). He also declines the call to the war due to his fear because he thinks he is not the right one for it. But later on he realizes that there is nobody else better qualifies to accept the responsibility han him, Zeus mentions to Hera that only Achilles can prevent the destruction of the Greeks for Hector shall not give his powers respite from the war until Achilles rouses beside his ship(190). He also gets Armor from Thetis and he also got a Shield from Athena. He fightts for his friend Patroklos’s body.

Cerberus was the scariest monster in The Aeneid but he or any other monster did not survive in our modern culture. Cerberus was the watch dog of the realm of Hades, he was known for being a threeheaded dog with a serpent tail. He had innumerable snakes heads at his back. He was believed to be the son of Echidna and Typhon, brother of Orthrus, the monstrous dog of Geryon, of the Hydra and Lerna, and of the Nemean lion. Chained in the front gates in the Underworld. He harasses the soul when they enter the Underworld. He was only controlled by men such as Heracles and Orphenus. He stopped barking if you threw him some break soaked in wine.