Frederick Douglass Impact On Slavery Essay

Frederick Douglass once said “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave. ” Slavery had yet to be abolished in the early to mid 1800’s. Frederick Douglass was a former slave who escaped from his master. Douglass was a slave in the 1800’s or also know as the Industrial Revolution time period. During that time, slavery was a huge controversy. Frederick Douglass had the most impact on slavery of all black of all black abolitionists in the Industrial Revolution. Frederick was one of the many that helped abolish slavery. ” Douglass’s reputation as a fighter gives him a leadership role in his local slave community.

He uses this quality to teach other slaves to read and write and the engineer a run away plot. ” During his time as a slave he was already trying to help get rid of slavery by teaching others that were illiterate. Also he mostly taught himself how to read and write with a little bit of help from his masters wife. Douglass taught classes to illiterate slaves on occasion. “He began to conduct a weekly Sunday school, teaching other slaves to read the New Testament, until after about six months a mob of slave owners stormed in to break up the meeting. After learning how to read and prepare essays from other white children in the neighbourhood he began teaching Sunday school classes. ” More than forty slaves would attend Douglass’s classes’. ” This shows that a lot of people were enslaved in the 1800’s.

They wanted to learn to read and write so when they either escaped from their master or their freedom was bought they were prepared. In summary, Frederick had a big impact on the industrial revolution and on slavery. Frederick Douglass had a hard life. Born a slave in 1818, he was originally named Augustus Washington Bailey. ” He lived with his grandmother, Betty Bailey. When douglass was very young he was put in the home of two plantation owners. He lived and worked there until he was bought by” Captain Anthony”. ” After eight months of unending labor and repeated whippings,the desperate 16 year old fought back. ” He abused for long hours at a time. His master Captain Anthony was relentless.

“In september 1838. The young man made his escape. Before escaping slavery he had two failed attempts. On his third try Anna Murray went along with him and also escaped. ” Douglass remained an active reformer until the day he died. He died on February 20, 1895 while an anti-slavery protest. In conclusion, Frederick Douglass had a difficult life but he did great things in spite of that. In Frederick’s life time he had many great achievements, including enrolling in the AASS (American Anti-Slavery society) and fighting for the enlistment of black men in the Union army. Officials of the American Anti-Slavery Society invited douglass to to speak at an anti-slavery rally. ” This was after frederick had escaped. When he escaped he was around 16 years old. This shows that even from a young age frederick had a strong passion to abolish slavery.

“Eventually Douglass was asked to tell him story at abolitionist meetings, after which he became a regular antislavery lecturer. ” After awhile of speaking at meetings and telling his story he wanted to do more. The AASS reached out to him to become a official member of their society. Douglass was also the first African American ever to be nominated for the vice presidency. He declined the nomination, which had come from the little known Equal Rights Party in 1872. ” he was a respectable man. He wasn’t interested in power or money, just the elimination of slavery. In conclusion, his accomplishments had a huge impact on the abolition of slavery. The American Anti-Slavery Society had a big part in abolishing slavery. The society was founded in 1833. The founder’s name was William Lloyd garrison. By 1840 the society had grown massively.

The total membership number ranging from 150,00-200,00 members. “The society sponsored meetings, adopted resolutions,signed anti-slavery petitions to be be sent to congress, published journals, enlisted subscriptions, printed and distributed propaganda in vast quantities, and sent out agents and lecturers to carry the anti-slavery message to northern audiences,” The society was involved in lots of anti-slavery related events. They were very passionate about what their message that was being sent out to people all across the country.

The society frequently met with violent public opposition, with mobs invading meetings, attacking speakers, and burning presses. ” Some in the society thought that they should not participate in violence, but others thought that it would help send a good message to the U. S government. So in 1839 they split up into two different groups. “The American Antislavery Society was formally dissolved in 1870 after the civil war and emancipation. ” This means that the society was a huge help in abolishing slavery. This also means that they fought long and hard to get what they wanted.

After almost forty years of protesting and debating they finally got the rights they needed. Frederick Douglass had the most impact on slavery of all black of all black abolitionists in the Industrial Revolution. Frederick had a hard life but he worked through it and fought for what he wanted. Something great came out of his life as a slave, the will to help enslave people. Though he had a big impact on slavery so did the AASS. They helped with so many protests and speeches. In summary, Frederick Douglass and the AASS had a huge impact on slavery.