How Does Morrison Present The Ghost In Beloved Essay

The novel Beloved by Toni Morrison takes about the story of a family that was haunted by a ghost. Clearly, it is a story of individuals of African origin who underwent harsh conditions at the hands of the Whiteman. The book is divided into three sections with 28 chapters totally. Chapter 1: Haunted House The novel begins by introducing the reader about the ghost that is haunting house, number 124, at Blue Road. The author shows the reader that the ghost has powers to shatter mirrors and leave its handprints in a cooked cake in order to show the ghost’s anger.

However, the writer does not tell the reader on the reason why the ghost is haunting the house. On the other hand, three main characters, Sethe, Paul D. and Denver, are introduced; they try to narrate their past stories and experiences of slavery. Chapter 2: Love Making Even though the reader gets to know that Paul D. and Sethe are going to make love upstairs, their sensations are dissimilar. Sethe is worries a bit because it had taken her a long period since the last time she experienced the pleasure of sex. On the other hand, Paul D. breathless because he admired Sethe and her beauty for long time.

Therefore, because of their excitement of making love, they do not undress fully. As a result, after making love, they lack words to say to each other. As such, their memories goes back to their times of slavery. Chapter 3: Denver’s Feeling The third chapter mainly forces on Denver, Sethe’s daughter. Because of the feeling of sadness and loneliness, Denver starts to remember her past experience such as the one she found her mother praying. Further, she also remembers that her mother told her that she did not see her parents. So she starts imagining how her mother ran away while pregnant for her.

The story also talks about Sethe who is imaging about life with Paul D to from a classical little family. Chapter 4: Denver’s Pain After putting up with Paul D. for three days, Denver opts to ask him the duration that he is planning to stay with her. As such, Paul invites them for a walk in order to ease the stress. Despite the differences between the three characters, they all enjoy the walk taken that it is Sethe’s first time in eighteen years. Therefore, Denver starts to feel better about Paul D. Chapter 5: Beloved’s Discovery The chapter talks about the arrival of a woman with name “Beloved” to the town of 124 Bluestone.

Significantly, her emotional ouched of Sethe because the woman’s name reminds her of her daughter. Even though the woman stays for long, she does not disclose more information about herself. Despite claiming to be week, her actions puzzles Paul D. Chapter 6: Beloved’s Obsession with Sethe In this chapter, Beloved’s relationship with Sethe strengthens to the extent that Sethe obliges to tell Beloved her past stories. Clearly, she tells her about her honeymoon and the time she got married. Further, she tells her that she did not know her parents. However, Denver, does not like Sethe talking about the past because she hates their past.

Chapter 7: Beloved’s Unique Character Even though Sethe and Denver have not noticed, Paul notices that Beloved live in 124 Bluestone for couple days. As such, Paul suspects that something was wrong despite having stayed with them for about five weeks. Father, the fact the Beloved did not disclose any information regarding her family makes Paul more suspicious. Although Beloved always get the support of Sethe and Denver, Paul was of the idea that she goes. Chapter 8: Denver Inquiry While in her room, Denver asks Beloved some question to get information about her.

However, Beloved does not give detailed information about her life because she claims that she got to the world after waiting for long at the bridge. Thus, she reveals that she plans to stay because she needs Sethe. Finally, the chapter ends with Denver telling Beloved about her birth story. Chapter 9: Sethe’s Decision The chapter begins with Sethe’s decision to follow the advice of Baby Suggs to forget her past. Clearly, she wishes to hear encouragements from baby Summons because he always encouraged her. Further, the section also shows the reader of the condition of 124 Bluestone before it was shut down and started to be haunted by ghosts.

As such, Denver thinks on how the ghost disturbed the piece that existed in 124 Bluestone. Despite their attempt to stop the ghost from disturbing their piece, nothing changed as it continued to disturb people in the region. Chapter 10: Paul D. ‘s Experience The chapter shows the experience of Paul D. after being forced into Chain gang Georgia State for threatening to murder Brandywine, a person who he was sold to by his school teacher. Along with other 45 prisoners, they were subjected to inhuman treatment like having oral sex with a guard before going to the fields to perform hard chores.

However, they managed to escape from prison; thus, enabling them to start a new life of freedom. Chapter 11: Beloved’s Responsibility The chapter shows Beloved as the one reason for taking Paul D. out of 124 Bluestone even though Paul believing that he was moving out of his will. Clearly, Beloved, the ghost, puts Paul in conditions that he does not understand even though Paul does unconsciously. For instance, he keeps having sex with Sethe but keeps sleeping further away from Sethe. As such, he realizes that there is a mess due to his involuntary movements.

Evidently, his involuntary movements makes him betray Sethe after attempting having sex with Beloved. Thus, from this, Beloved had showed them her real personality after manifesting to Paul D. Chapter 12: Beloved’s Attention The chapter begins with Denver desiring to get the attention of Beloved because she feels jealous about the more attention that Beloved gives to Sethe. As such, she decides to involve Beloved in a discussion by asking her about her origin. Clearly, Beloved gets angry after being taken by Denver to a cold house. The act apparently frightens Denver who did not believe that Beloved is a ghost.

Chapter 13: Beloved’s Influence Paul D. believes that he is the only lucky man because he was the only one of the five slaves who survived the escape from prison. Apparently, at this stage, Paul realizes that he looses himself; thus, he is being controlled by Beloved. Then, he decides to ask Sethe to assist him break from his reliance on Beloved. Clearly, the author informs the reader that Beloved is a substitute that Sethe murdered. Chapter 14: Beloved’s Control In this section, Denver are sited together in house around a table where Denver watches Beloved suck her finger.

Clearly, Beloved is upset after Denver refuses to kick away Paul D. claiming that Sethe will be upset on learning about the plot. The upset makes Beloved think that she is fading away with most of her body falling specifically around 124 Bluestone. Chapter 15: Flashback of Sethe’s Arrival The section offers two flash backs: the one for baby Suggs releases from prison and the one for the Sethe’s arrival and first days in 124 Bluestone. Baby Suggs is afraid to rejoice for the arrival of Sethe because she taught that the celebration might curse Halle’s safe return. But Baby Suggs is nice anyway.